Friday, May 12, 2017

Was it a coincidence?

I have been writing and publishing humor or upbeat memoir for more than twenty years. I should have been writing dark stuff last week, because I sure was singing the blues. Ready to quit writing.

Rejections are a part of the writing life. I usually shrug them off, and send my submissions elsewhere. I am resilient and determined.

It was like a Domino rally of rejection slips last week, one after another, day after day. The constant rejections collapsed my eagerness to write. I moaned and groaned on Facebook and derailed for a few days, but I am back on track, thanks to a supportive community of friends and writers who allowed me my pity party. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.

Most would consider what happened to me Saturday night a coincidence. I had a haunting dream that bothered me for two days. I dreamed my late, elderly dad climbed into my bed and laid on his back next to me. He was frail and failing, and he gave me an ominous message in a very weak voice. "Just wait. Wait till Tuesday."

Then I woke up. A sense of doom hung over me as I expected to hear the worst on Tuesday.

That was the day I received an acceptance that helped pull me out of my doldrums. My story is about my dad, and it will be published in Sasee Magazine for the Father's Day issue.

As sure as I know editorial rejections are a certainty, I am also certain this message came directly from on high. Thanks, Dad.


Susan said...

Your Dad wanted to give you good news in the midst of the doldrums, Linda, and he did just that. So happy for your Sasee acceptance. Freelancing is terribly difficult. None of us likes our writing to be rejected. But the acceptances make it all worthwhile. Hope you have a super good day today! Susan

Pat Wahler said...

Dreams can bring comfort and - sometimes - give us courage too. Cool story!


Bookie said...

Yes, a great tale of inspiration on more than one front! Congrats for hitting Sassee again!

Val said...

No coincidences. Congrats on your Sasee acceptance!

Sandi said...

Something about this just made me smile. I imagine your dad trying to be upbeat with, "Wait until Tuesday!" But somehow it came out kinda dreary and startled you....oops! Ha ha. :)

I like that you dreamt this! Funny that then you got the acceptance letter on Tuesday. It really makes you go Hmmmm...doesn't it?

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Congratulations on your Sasee story. You are one of the hardest-working writers I know.

And I hope you have a happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Made me think of that old TV show "Father Knows Best". Has nothing to do with your story, just triggered a memory. I cherish those dreams when my Dad comes to visit. Congrats!!

Connie said...

Wow, so amazing, isn't it? What a wonderful reassurance this message was to you. Congratulations on the acceptance. I hope you continue writing because you are so talented with your words, and you know so well how to evoke feelings in your reader.