Friday, April 6, 2018

A real zoo

We finally had a warm day with sunshine, so we headed to the zoo for an outing Tuesday. I walked so much, I went to bed early and slept until 7:00 a.m. I am always up at 5:00 so I figure age is catching up with me. 

This brown bear was sitting high on a rock, saw Liam, and came right down to go nose to nose with him.

I was sitting in the sun feeding baby Alex when a

 young couple with five stair-step children passed by. The middle child (about six) dragging up the rear growled and stomped every time her parents turned around to speak to her. 

The oldest smacked the next one. Dad was pushing the baby in a stroller. A three year old was walking alongside tugging on dad. 

The young man looked over at me and laughed. He said, "You're getting a free show. Usually we can charge for this." The overwhelmed mom just shrugged. 

Then I heard another mom yell for her little girl, "Come here, Glitter!" That name was a little sparkly for me!

Another mom called for her son, "Wellington" which made me think of Richie Rich comic books for some reason, maybe the pretentious name.

It was a real zoo at the food court, so many people purchasing over-priced hot dogs and wilted french fries. Workers weaving their way through the crowd shouting, "Excuse me." Stroller pushers shouting, "Can I please get through?" 

Talk about sensory overload! 

74 degrees yesterday and 24 in the morning. Come on, winter hit the road!


Val said...

Baby Alex is really growing! Even with a partition, the bear picture makes me nervous for Liam. What if that bear was thinking about a snack?

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I got into Chicago on Thursday in just a skirt and T-shirt (no socks and no tights and no leggings). It was snowing in Chicago. Yikes.

Those two boys are growing by leaps and bounds. Wow. What cuties.

Merlesworld said...

i enjoy sitting in the sun watching the passing parade mainly in shopping centres.

Pat Wahler said...

The zoo is such a marvelous place. Can't wait to visit it again.

Connie said...

I feel for those overwhelmed parents. Sounds like they have their hands full. I always like visiting the zoo.

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