Sunday, July 8, 2018

That's the way it goes!

I've been lax this week.  I blamed my lack of writing on the weather, my busy life, the world situation. You name it, I have been procrastinating. But today I sent something to a big house.

I used to tussle with that little brat inside my head who is as annoying as a gnat. "They won't even consider your work. Why do you keep submitting?"

Well I decided to shush that brat when I hit the send button a few moments ago. I fed myself affirmations and atta girls, because I know I can write and I have confidence and faith in myself.

And wouldn't you know it...

I submitted accidentally and prematurely without attaching my submission. The brat is saying, "When they see two submissions from you, they will disregard. You screwed up. Na na na na na!"

My retort, "What is meant to be will be. I know this for a fact."

This pesky voice reminds me of  the first time I visited my country cousins, and they invited me to sleep outside on their open air porch. Afraid I'd be eaten by mosquitoes, I begged, "Turn on a light!"

My aunt said, NO, but I cried and insisted. She said I was a hard head and would have to experience what would happen since I wouldn't listen to reasoning.

If I thought the mosquitoes were bad, I was terrified when moths and beetles bombarded, attracted to the light. It was like being dive bombed by wing flickers and fierce biters. This city girl wanted a bed indoors.

Today I am turning off my "porch light" and not listening to the buzzing pests.   


Sandi said...

:) Haha...what a vivid image, you with the porch light on and being visited by an army of moths! Well, after that, everything will seem easy. I bet your submission gets accepted.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I agree with Sandi. I'll bet you get a "yes yes" for your submission(s). (I'm sure you are not the first to do that, and you certainly won't be the last.)

Val said...

Don't bug out! Somebody in that big house might just bite.

Pat Wahler said...

One thing is for sure-if you don't submit, you won't be accepted. You've taken the first step to success!

Lynn said...

I admire your courage and enthusiasm! Love your new picture too (on the right side!

Connie said...

I agree with what Pat said--if you don't submit, your work won't be accepted. Continuing to try is the only way to succeed. You get an "Atta girl!" from me too. :-)