Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Say Cheese...or money

Sears and Penneys ran specials
on portraits way back when. 

I had the kids' pictures taken monthly
but could not afford the package of ten.

The catch was they offered  a freebie,
but the pose was always the worst.

Then they showed me a selection of great ones
until they got me to empty my purse.

I have an entire album of portraits
taken  monthly until they turned one

Every six months thereafter...
School picture packages sure were fun.

This is a reprint of my favorite picture of Tracey and Jason. 

They did not have red hair.  They were blondes. Back then you couldn't edit your own photos like you can now.

And to think, almost fifty years later, Sears is gone and J.C. Penneys  is on the verge of collapse.
But I have an entire album of 8x10s and many 
loving memories to last.


Sandi said...


Big heartfelt smile...

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I have a whole box of large envelopes full of "portrait packages." What wonderful memories.

Val said...

It that was one of the worst poses, the others must have been fantastic! I have a lot of Walmart photo packages before the boys were school age. I'm not so sure Genius appreciates the one of him sitting in a big washtub.

Connie said...

I have a big drawerful of portraits taken of my sons when they were young too. It drove me crazy that they would always try to lure me in to buy the bigger package with the nicest shots in them. It didn't work though, because I couldn't afford them.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

We always got suckered in. I've got so many 8x10s and bigger that will never see the light of day . . . 5x7s are so much more practical once a family starts multiplying.

Friko said...

Boxes and boxes of photographs, some good some not so good. Perhaps it’s time I threw the less good ones away? Keeping only the favourites is not a bad idea.

Carm Elephant said...

Thanks greatt blog