Saturday, June 29, 2019

A ten foot corpse?!

Corn stalks can grow to over ten feet, but at first glance this looked like a gaint 10 ft. EAR of corn. 

Then we read the plaque about this corpse flower on display at Missouri Botanical Garden in our town. On Wednesdays admission is free for senior residents of the city or county. So I took Liam. Be sure to return for my next post to see all the things available for children.

The corpse flower is supposed to open any day. It blooms for one or two days only. We are hoping to return midweek to get a whiff of the worst smell ever. Liam asked how bad it would smell. I replied, "Like garbage and dirty diapers." "EWWW! No way. Will the stink stay on us?" What a mind that boy has. Be sure to come back for a visual tour of fun things to do with kids at the Children's Garden.


Pat Wahler said...

I've heard about this flower! Proof that nature has a sense of humor.

Val said...

The corpse flower always makes me think of that Dennis the Menace movie! When Mr. Wilson missed the blooming.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Like Pat, I've heard of this flower, but have never gotten the chance to see one (or smell one). You and your great grandkids do such cool things.

Connie said...

I think I can do without seeing this flower. I've heard how badly it smells. That little Liam is always thinking. :)