Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Lucy moment

Picture this!

Our tax preparer's office went on lock down right before the quarantine began, one day before our scheduled appointment! So Bill dropped off the paperwork at an overpriced strip mall tax agency.

On a cold overcast, misty day, in a car bound for the strip mall, which sits down in a valley, we found a spot three car lengths from the building and went inside so we could sign the forms and see the damage.

The only employee there, an older woman sitting across the desk from us, moaned and groaned and struggled to breathe. I asked if she were alright. She said she had emphysema and would be okay, but she had walked in from the parking lot and was out of breath.

Bill and I stole glances as she shuffled around the office mumbling, "Now where did I put that? Oh no, the printer is out of ink!" She hacked and coughed and then said, "Well, here's your last document that needs a signature."

I was so happy to autograph Uncle Sams documents and bolt out of there. I beat Bill to the door and said, "Honey, I don't want you going out in this storm and pouring rain. You stay here. I'll get the car."

The door closed behind me. I gulped fresh air and ran to the car.

Drenched, I punched in the numerical code on the door panel, and then stood there like a dripping wet fool when I realized HE HAD THE KEYS.

There Bill stood in the store front window laughing his dry self silly.

These are the days of MY life.


Susan said...

Oh gosh, Linda. That Bill is a teaser....a DRY teaser. And you were wet! Thanks for sharing. Susan

Val said...

You have my sympathy, and I assume you've dried out by now. I hope Bill enjoyed his moment. It's a rare occasion when they outsmart us.

jabblog said...

Very good - sometimes you just have to let the men be superior!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Tell Sasquatch that Karma is a woman... and she never forgets.

Kimberly Vernon Rodgers said...

Funny after you dried out but I’m sure not at the time. I hope the tax employee went home and quarantined.

Connie said...

We ended up mailing all our forms to our tax man. He's going to fill them out and then mail them back to us to sign and send in. At least we have extra time to get them done. I think I'd take the rain anyway over the possibility of breathing in virus air in the office, even if I did get soaked.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The coughing lady would have had me backing out of that place! After this is over I bet we all change the way we approach people!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Anytime somebody coughs these days, I make an about face pronto!