Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Smile a while

I hope you are all doing well. I am missing my babies and the Goodwill Store. I am reading more. Writing & posting short poetry in response to five word prompts at Washington University #Life/Lines for April, poetry month. 

Last weekend the weather warmed. I decided the one thing that would give me unlimited pleasure in this time of quarantine is planting new flowers. I love my little angel solar light, and my new flowers. Even on gloomy days, I smile when I look out the door at this sight.

Hubby thinks I go a bit overboard decorating, but I had an old scarf that I thought matched perfectly, so I embellished the planter. 

Sassy Cat is used to us coming and going all the time, so he is a bit confused that we are here ALL of the time. He still thinks he's king of the castle. We read that his breed can't get enough food or affection. Sums up his personality completely. He must be in the same room with us, prefers Bill.

 I caught him taking a cat nap. He looks a bit indignant at being disturbed.
 As I said, he prefers Bill's company, and the two guys are almost inseparable. See ?
Is there anything that is making you happy these days? 


Connie said...

Your flowers are lovely. They would make me smile too. I love the pictures of your cat too. The last one with the matching feet made me laugh. Wishing you a happy week.

DUTA said...

Flowers and cats definitely do lift our spirits.

Friko said...

gardening does and flowers, of course. The scent and the colours and being outdoors (in my own space only).
Reading and writing does, dreaming and reminiscing does.

Susan said...

Hi Linda. Enjoyed your post. Well, you know that flowers are making me happy, especially my pansies. Today I made Amish white bread and that made me happy. Eating it with butter made me even happier. Let's see, writing always makes me happy and so does going online. So, despite the coronavirus stay-at-home order, I'm trying very hard to make the best of it. Susan

Val said...

My sister spent the day baking bread, and brought me a loaf. That made me happy. So did your picture of Sassy and Bill each hanging five off the end of that recliner!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--That picture of Bill and Sassy Cat says so much. "Every picture tells a story." That one sure tells one.

I'm happy when we have a sunny day. I'm happy to have a book to read when in line at the bank. I'm happy when I got into a mile-long line at Costco (just to get into the building) and they still had toilet paper (for my daughter, who was down to her last roll).

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