Wednesday, April 8, 2020

You have mail!

We are on our third week of quarantine and I am missing my babies so much. Nicole, 12, was stung in the face by a wasp or bee yesterday and had to get a steroid shot due to reaction. I want to go hug her. I can't. 

I haven't babysat my great grandsons in weeks and I miss them so much. 
I sent them mail. I copied dot-to-dot dinosaur pages with dino facts for Liam who was so excited to get the mail today.

Alex received a page copied from the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." It was the page where little mouse is on his tummy with crayons spilled across the page. I printed his name as if the mouse had done it in orange crayon. I included a personal note for my babies. They were excited to get mail.
Charlie is happy with everything. They had fun coloring at their Nana Tracey's who babysits them.

Today in St. Louis we broke a 130 year weather record when the temperature reached 90 degrees. Out came the water table and squirt bottles to wash their cars and toys.
I asked Liam why he wasn't going to school. His reply: "Nana, there's this thing...flu, no virus and everything is closed down except stores and drive through restaurants, because this virus can get in your mouth and cause people to die. I don't want to get it REAL BAD!"

I knew he meant he really badly doesn't want to get it. As much as we want to protect kids, they hear.

He told me he had a nightmare about a snake as big as a camper chasing him all over a campground.

That virus is a snake, sneaking up unexpectedly on all of us. I hope you are doing well. 


Kim Lehnhoff said...

Not seeing and hugging the grandkids is really hard. I look forward to return of the monthly family dinners where the cousins scatter toys all over my office and the rest of the house. I have not ventured out today. It was great to sleep with the windows open last night.

We will all get through this, and hopefully, we'll appreciate all of the opportunities we'll have to interact with loved ones and the beauty of nature.

Susan said...

The virus is a snake alright and a wretched one at that. I miss my grands soooo much, too. This does seem rather endless. God help those who died today, are dying now, and will die tomorrow as well as those brave souls taking care of them.

Sandi said...

I can so relate to missing the kids. Our 3 year old great-nephew stays with us at least once a week...but now not for almost a month.

Sioux Roslawski said...

A snake as big as a camper? Wow.

Yes, it's terrible that we don't get to see our grandchildren. In your case, your great grandchildren. Hopefully, we will all emerge from this (soon) and be able to resume our normal activities.

Pat Wahler said...

What a great idea! I didn't even think about sending a letter to my little guy. I'll have to get on it! :-)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sweet boys are so precious! I know you miss them!

Val said...

At least they got a letter from you! It was 89 here today. Hick was thinking about taking the cover off of POOLIO. The storms in tonight's forecast changed his mind.

Connie said...

I'm sure the boys were tickled to get mail from you. I know what you mean about missing them. I haven't seen my granddaughter for weeks either, and we're to be staying at home until at least May 1st, and probably longer. Cute pictures.

DUTA said...

You're a very creative grandma!
The virus is indeed a snake. Bad news coming from S.korea; 51 recoverd people are again positive. Hope that's not true.
The kids are adorable!

janet smart said...

I don't have any, but I know grandkids can be so precious. I think its neat that you are sending them mail. By the way, my kindle book for kids is free for download til Sunday, April 17. I think your grandkids would enjoy it.