Thursday, August 13, 2020

Oopsie again

So here is another oopsie of mine.

Sassy cat woke me before dawn begging for breakfast. Does he look like he's starving?! He banged against the closet door just because he knows the noise will wake me. When that didn't work, he went to sharpen his claws where he shouldn't. I got up and out of bed with narrowed eyes and achy knees to reprimand him. When he meowed sweetly and softly, I had to smile because he's been a real mama's boy lately. So I gave him some kibble to hush him.

 I saw a cup of yesterday's coffee in the pot and poured it into my dark mug in the dark kitchen and microwaved it. I grabbed a few Famous Amos mini chocolate chip cookies with pecans and settled in front of the TV to watch the anxiety-inducing news.

I dunked my five little cookies and sipped my coffee right down to the bottom of the cup, tipped it up, encountered cookie crumbs and pecan pieces, and chomped the last bit of sweet goodness. I thought! Only it was yucky old coffee grounds. Fat cat just sat and watched me sputtering and spitting into a tissue.

That was how I started my day. How was yours?

I have been writing stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul's new titles. The only one I can not think of a story for is for the collection titled, What I Do For Me.

Dare I write about how many cookies I eat?

If you are a writer, remember that sometimes the most mundane things can evolve into a 1,000 word publishable story.


Val said...

Heh, heh! You must have been as disappointed as my mom, that time she was a kid sneaking a giant spoonful of ice cream off a bowl on the kitchen table, only to discover that it was cottage cheese. Which at least is meant to be eaten! So yours was a bigger shock.

Your kitty might have just banged that closet door by accident, being wider than he thinks he is...

Himawan Sant said...

Your cat is smart. He knows very well how to wake you 😁.

Congratulations on writing your Chicken soup for the soul book.

Greetings from Indonesia.

Friko said...

Maybe the moral of the story is: turn the light on before you indulge.

Pat Wahler said...

Sassy cat is such a cutie.

Good luck with your submissions. I got giddy when the news came I made it into the Christmas book. Put me right in the holiday spirit, LOL!

Sioux Roslawski said...

How about writing about all the fun, creative things you do with your great grandsons? They're fun for the boys, but it also brings you lots of joy.