Monday, October 19, 2020

The kid got into my stash. And YOU could win a contest


I am an addict, and my great grandson got into my stash. Check out the results.

Three-year-old Alex spent the weekend. I discovered that he had discovered my coveted Dove dark chocolate, red foil-wrapped squares. "I like your candy," he said with a big messy grin. He needed his mouth and face wiped twice. 

He was so energetic he wanted to climb a tree. So when I saw my neighbor leave, I walked him to a tree in her yard that was perfect for his little hands. He expended a bit of that energy trying to figure out how to make the big climb.

If YOU are a chocolaholic, check out this fun, free, and rewarding contest at Jennifer Brown Bank's blog. Look around while you are there. She provides such good advice for writers. Please pass this on to your friends, too. Great prize package! New prize!!

I discovered Jen years ago when I read her article in a writer's magazine about breaking all the rules. I knew we were kindred spirits, because as a new writer I, too had been breaking all the writing rules and having success. Never give up, no matter what you are trying to achieve.

Alex was high on life sitting in the branches of our red bud tree, feeling very successful and proud.

If you are a writer be proud of your successes, no matter how minor or insignificant you consider them. Pat your self on the back if you wrote a paragraph, a page or an essay. How about trying to write a poem about chocolate?

Our neighbor's tree was perfect for Alex to climb and pull himself up.
If you are a writer start at the bottom, work your way up... and never give up!
Paw-paw Bill gave  Alex a helping hand and supported him in his endeavors.
If you are a writer be sure to accept help along the way and express your appreciation. If you are further along, provide help to others. We writers really are all in this together. 

Now think about the sweet, creamy taste of milk chocolate, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate, delightful crunch of M&Ms. Enter the contest. It's fun and it is a good writing exercise. 

Let me know if you enter or are a winner.


Pat Wahler said...

Such adorable photos! Alex looks like he's ready to conquer anything.

I went to Jen's blog and followed it. The contest looks like fun. Who doesn't love chocolate? My own favorite is a dark chocolate bar with Pink Himalayan salt. I'm embarrassed to admit I go through almost 3 bars a week. Addictive!

Susan said...

Hi Linda. Will check it out. This morning I am writing a personal profile for the newspaper I write for but I will get to the contest eventually. You are a wonder woman!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Alex is so darn cute! I remember tree climbing and bike riding as a child. Now, just remembering is an exercise!

Susan Sundwall said...

On the cuteness scale Alex is about a 10+10! Those cheeks. Wait'll he's older and grabs all your Juicy Fruit. LOL I can't keep it stocked thanks to 3 of ours. Fun story, Linda. I hope some day to be in a Chicken Soup book with you.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Alex is such a cutie. What great photos? But who is that tall, hairy creature that's standing next to Alex in one of the photographs? Is that a rare sighting of Sasquatch? ;)

DUTA said...

This little one (Alex) is going to make it big. He's got potential.
In the meantime, you and Bill are lucky to
fully enjoy his cuteness.
Thanks for sharing.

Red Rose Alley said...

I didn't know there were rules in writing haha. I just let the words flow and try not to overthink it. That's when we get our best thoughts down. Your grandson looks so cute climbing that tree, and I bet he had the best time climbing it. My kids used to climb grandma's tree in her front yard, and have special memories of that. Oh Yes, I love chocolate, and chocolate and coffee is even better.

Have a lovely weekend. Your posts are always delightful when I come and visit.