Sunday, November 15, 2020

A nearly naked boy and a bratty woman


I MUST mute the television when a specific auto commercial comes on. It depicts a self-centered, privileged, spoiled woman and her significant other.

She gifts him with “a little something, an early present,” expensive sunglasses, a pair for him and one for her.

He tells her he also bought them a gift. He takes her outside their mansion and proudly declares, “One for you, and one for me.”

He indicates the black pickup truck is for himself and the red SUV for her.

She dashes to the black truck shouting, “I love it!”

As he mutters, “That one…” She hops inside the truck and swoons over the vehicle, “I love it!”

He says, “And I LOVE that you love it. I like red.”

She enthusiastically shouts, “I love-love-love it!”


I HATE IT!  The message promotes selfishness.

I wonder if self-indulgence is what drives people to refuse to wear a mask during a raging, killer pandemic. Is this the collective attitude? “No official is going to tell ME what to do!”

Do they boldly declare or silently believe, “I love-love-love my freedom from authority, and I will do as I please!”

Such a simple, temporary, life-saving act. This is not going to be forever!
PLEASE wear a mask in public.


My great-grandson, six-year-old Liam, video chatted with me the other evening before bedtime. He wore only a big smile and his underwear. Three-year-old Alex and two-year-old Charlie were already in their jammies.

“Nana, it was precious.”  

“What was?”

“My brudders, Nana!” 

Liam usually complains about how they bother him. But on this day he had done something selfless and thought only of them. Their reaction was precious to him.

His mom had given him money for the school’s Santa shop to buy something for himself that day. When he got off the bus, he was clutching stuffed animals. He still loves his Peppa Pig lovey, but he’s not into stuffed animals any more.

Talking to me, he squealed and aimed the camera at Alex and Chalrie. “Nana, look at my brudders.” 

There stood Alex beaming as he clutched a small orange stuffed dinosaur, identical to a raggedy one he already has. And Charlie was proudly showing me his sad-eyed stuffed giraffe.

Ashley told me, “Liam said he bought the dino because Alex keeps losing his lovey and won’t go to sleep with out it. He heard me say I would pay $40 on Ebay for a replacement one!” (I hope she was joking.)

Liam bought the giraffe because Charlie likes the Toys R Us Geoffrey giraffe.

"I got this one with sad eyes because Charlie is always whining and crying about something.” His reasoning was spot on.

This little boy is very thoughtful and caring. He received more pleasure from giving.
“It’s precious, Nana. Look at them!”  

HE is precious. He has the Christmas spirit and I hope he always remembers the adage, It is better to give than receive. 


DUTA said...

It's important that the three brothers love each other, understand each other from early childhood.
This attitude will also give great satisfaction to their parents and grandparents, and make life easier and more pleasant for everyone in the family.

Sandi said...

So sweet that he loves his brudders! And his orange dinosaur. ☺️

Red Rose Alley said...

aahh, that's a sweet story. He is learning young about the joy of giving. I know what you mean about those commercials that are consumed with greed - I can barely watch them. Your grandson is so precious. Thanks for sharing this story. : )


Susan said...

Liam is a handsome little fellow, Linda, as are his "brudders." He's sweet, thoughtful, and generous, too, and those qualities are sometimes hard to come by in kids. Nice story. Susan

Val said...

Sweet story and I so agree with you about the masks! I think people that are so against it, are just not thinking. I mean. For such a time as this!!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, what a precious sweet heart. Love Liam.

Alice said...

What a kind-hearted young guy. He will grow up to be a compassionate man one day. My grandsons were the same way. If they got candy they ask for some to give to their brudder. They are now mature young men and as close as ever.

Pat Wahler said...

Such a sweet story about your boys! :-)

P.S. I'm with you on that commercial. It's not very nice to see it multiple times each day during a time when so many are hurting...both financially and emotionally.