Thursday, February 18, 2021

If I never see another snowflake...

The inscription: Let it snow some place else!

 My sentiments exactly! I hang this plaque on the front door on New Year's Day when I take the Christmas wreath down. This cute little plaque gets replaced on Valentine's Day with a floral,
heart-shaped wreath that hangs on our door until October. 

This year we have had a mild winter. Then all of a sudden, BAM! Snowmageddon. That is nine inches of powdery snow atop the bird bath. The city was practically shut down. Then for the next two days the wrath of winter continued to pile up. Almost two straight weeks of below freezing and sub zero temperatures and dreary days.

I ran in and out for the first two days trying to keep the birds fed and waterd. The water froze almost instantly. I hope mama nature is finished with her little temper tantrum. We seem to be on the down side, and the meterologist claims on Tuesday we will see 50 degrees. I'm counting the days. But I am also praying for those poor people in Texas and down South. 

Counting down till spring. How about you?


Janet, said...

So am I. As I type this, my son is out with his tractor and a snow plow attached. We haven't gotten deep snow, just constant snow, ice and below freezing temps. First we had ice falling on everything and the temps never went up, so when it snowed, it just snowed on top of the ice. Looking forward to the day when the sun decides to come back out.

DUTA said...

Hopefully, this too shall pass. Spring is not far behind. Climate, however, is an issue which requires our full attention. We cannot control it, but we have to be fully aware of it, and prepared to meet its worst aspects.

Kathy G said...

Wasn't today's sun and warmer weather awesome? I never thought I'd be happy to see 20 degrees.

Val said...

I haven't been out of the house since SUNDAY! A neighbor plowed the main gravel road. Our driveway isn't plowed. We got 8.2 inches officially. Our tractor had a dead battery that got jumped, but then Hick discovered that it also has a flat tire. I think the "spare" tractor doesn't have the blade attachment.

I'm planning an escape on Friday, since the temp is supposed to hit 33.

Sonia said...

Hello Linda, hope you are doing well. The snow on bird bath is looking so beautiful! Its pretty cold in north east as well. stay warm and take care!

Sioux Roslawski said...

I'm getting my tube-tops out and my bike shorts. It's supposed to be 50 degrees next week. Maybe even the halter tops need to get dusted off, along with the Daisy Duke shorts.

Be sure to tell Sas about my clothing plans next week. It'll make him shudder (from horror instead of from the cold).

Red Rose Alley said...

Linda, this is our second snowfall while living in the mountains, and I really loved it. The first snowfall we got about a foot, but this one was less. It got about 9 degrees, but where you're at, it's much colder. That's so nice of you to feed the birds and give them water. Hang in there, Spring will be here before you know it. And the birds are starting to come around again.

Have a good week ahead.