Saturday, July 17, 2021

Did you ever kiss a bed or a beak?

Poor little buddy Charlie is STILL two-years-old. He was chasing his brothers and conked his forehead on the bed frame. Laid the area between his eyebrows wide open. It was a deep laceration that required six, PLUS TWO stitches. Additionally they placed Steri Strips over the wound because the nurse observed that Charlie is a non-stop talker and uses his facial muscles to express himself. They were concerned he would bust a stitch just being Charlie.
Well, he did! On the way home from the ER his unibrow was numb, but he could sense these little "whiskers" which he pulled off, thus loosening his stitches. 

Back to the ER for another bill, two more stitches, and a gauze wrap around his head. He'll be three in a couple weeks. We will be glad when the terrible twos are in the rearview mirror.

I babysat Liam and Alex this week. I took them to the playground and screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw Alex at the top of the slide leaning over. Off to the car with two kids screaming that they didn't want to leave. 

The park is wooded and has lots of picnic benches. As we drove down the lane, I saw a man who appeared to be snoozing on a picnic table with this macaw on his chest. I stopped the car, rolled down my window and showed the protesting boys. The art of distraction works at any age. 

 The man asked if the boys wanted to see his bird up close. He walked to the car, and the macaw rode his arm perch. As it neared the open car window, the bird started screeching. "She's three years old and acts like a two-year-old kid!" the man complained.

"Sir, I know exactly what you mean. They live a long time, don't they?"

"Eighty years."

Well the man looked half a century old himself. "What are you going to do?" I asked.

He laughed as we said goodbye to the bird who couldn't get enough of his handler/owner's smooching.

 Let me tell you, a peck on the lips took on new meaning for wide-eyed Liam and Alex. 


Kathy G said...

Poor Charlie! Your serendipitous bird sighting sounds like a lot of fun.

DUTA said...

Charlie with his stitches and strips looks like a little battle hero.
Nice green outfit and mask!

Val said...

Poor little fella! Charlie looks like that injury is not going to slow him down one bit. I guess Liam and Alex learned that Grandma means what she says! Or else that if they bend the rules, they might get to see a pretty bird...

Sioux Roslawski said...

I saw a strange sight yesterday. A man was driving along the highway, and perched on his arm was a cockatoo. Crazy!

Your three great grandsons are typical boys. The pulling at the stitches... leaning over a high spot... Boys make moms and grandmas nervous. But oh how fun they are.

Pat Wahler said...

Macaws are gorgeous, but I'm always cautious. That beak packs a mighty wallop if the kiss turns into a bite!

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm so sorry this happened to little Charlie. It's hard for a two year old to be still. And that's awful he had to go back to the hospital. Yes, it's scary when they are going down the slide on the playground when it's not closed in. They are fearless and will try anything. So glad the kids got distracted on the ride home. That macaw is beautiful. What a surprise that was for you to see. That was nice that the man entertained the boys for a bit with the bird. I hope your grandson heals quickly and nicely Linda.