Monday, July 26, 2021

Historic river town

Many folks I know are taking trips, going on vacations, but we have opted to stay close to home. We would really like to be taking our annual cruise, but that is impossible with Covid. So we have put it off another year. 

We are fortunate to live very close to the Mississippi River. In fact we are on the Illinois/Missouri border.

 What a nice surprise to see the Delta Queen River Boat arriving at its new port of call about twenty miles South of our home. 
Kimmswick, MO is a little historic river town settled in the 1800s. Many of the buildings have been preserved and converted from residences to restaurants and unique establishments/shops that sell crafts and goods of all kinds. They have an annual apple butter festival that attracts thousands in the fall, and in summer they feature the Strawberry Festival.  
The picture above is  the Barabagallo House, circa 1850. The building below is a winery/port of call for the Delta Queen. When we saw a local news clip about it, we decided to take a drive.
The Blue Owl (not pictured) is a famous restaurant in Kimmswick; it always has a full parking lot and often a waiting line. The large front porch is the best place to eat a large piece of homemade pie. And what a selection! They also have indoor dining.

However, we prefer this quaint little restuarant around the corner. The Dough Depot has delicious and reasonably priced lunches. The former residence takes one back in time. There are four rooms for indoor dining. But Bill and I prefer to sit on the patio to eat our yummy sandwiches served on pretzel bun and delicious, aling with large portion salads. We enjoy watching passersby moseying along, shopping in all the little shops. This has been our Wednesday date all summer. They have scrumptious and reasonably priced homemade baked goods and pastries, which always seem to find their way home with us.

We discovered that the best time to arrive is 10:45 am to 11:00. By noon there is a waiting line.   

 If you have a chance, check out this historic town. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to watch the Delta Queen pull in.


Val said...

Mmm... I'll have a pretzel bun sandwich! You can keep the pie.

Kathy G said...

Thanks for the restaurant recommendation.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a charming historic town. And a delight to see the Delta Queen arriving into the town close to your home. Me and the girls actually went on the Delta Queen at one time and had tea time there. What a delicious lunch you had. The pretzel sandwiches sound Yummy. The homemade pastries sound wonderful, and I hope you took some goodies home with you. The apple butter made me smile, as my parents used to love it. : )


Sioux Roslawski said...

I think our writing group should take a road trip.

Just sayin'...

DUTA said...

What a wonderful day out!
The Mississippi River, the arrival of the Delta Queen Boat, the historical town of Kimmswick, the yummy sandwiches and salads eaten on the patio of the corner restaurant - all worth a return visit.

Mike said...

Hey Linda, I came here from Kathy's blog. I was looking at your sidebar and spotted 'S.L.W.G. (family friendly) Wired Coffee, Sunset Hills, MO'. Sadly they have been gone from this location for a few years now.

If you still stop by the Kirkwood train station, say hi to Bill Burckhalter, station manager for me, Mike from the phone company.

Pat Wahler said...

It's been a long time, but I've visited Kimmswick. It is a cool little town. The Dough Depot looks like my kind of place too!