Saturday, January 29, 2022

I can't wait for mid-February!

 Chicken Soup for the Soul, Too Funny, will feature one of my humorous stories. I am very excited to have received the contract announcing MY STORY made the final cut. It never gets old; 32 books in which my stories appear and I always rejoice. I am thankful for my ablility to write and tell my life stories. 

I am diligent and always submit one or more essays when I see a call out for a new book title. If at first you don't succeed... well, you know the rest. Never stop trying.

The worst part about sending a story off into cyberspace is wondering if it arrived at its destination and waiting to hear if it is rejected or accepted. Such is part of the writing life. 

I am waiting to hear if another humor essay places in the Erma Bombeck contest. In two weeks notifications will be going out. Plus it's my anniversary and Valentine's Day. I'd like to at least take honorable mention. If not, that story will find another home. It is a doozy that makes everyone cackle when I tell them what happened to me when I sneezed at Mickey D's.

Hope you have a great week. I am grateful we are not in the path of the snow storm heading up the East coast. Not happy to hear of the possibility for ice and snow coming to the Midwest mid week. Buy what can we do about it?

All I need is another loaf of Italian bread. We always buy lo-cal multi grain bread. On a whim Bill tossed a $1.00 loaf of sliced Italian bread into the basket. What a mistake! I always thought my vice was dark choclate, but that crusty toasted slice of buttered bread with a cup of tea, teased my taste buds at 5:00 a.m. I toasted two more to have with my breakfast egg. Another two slices for a sandwich. 

The loaf was narrow. Half the calories? Maybe one more slice with marmalade before bed?

I may need an intervention!


Kathy G said...

Congratulations on your newest publication. I'm sure it never gets old to see your name in print.

Red Rose Alley said...

That's wonderful about your story coming out soon. I can see how anxious you would be to see if your stories even get to where you want them to. Italian bread sounds delicious. I've aways said that I could eat just bread and butter for dinner. That's how much I enjoy it. When Renecke bakes his bread, Nel puts a little butter and honey on it. Oh my, it's the best. Maybe you can try that sometime. ; )


Sioux Roslawski said...

Bread. It's the Devil. But soooo delicious.