Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Skating their way to success

I am always amazed at how much knowledge preschoolers acquire by watching television. When I asked three-year-old Charlie and four-year-old Alex if they knew where penguins live, they both shouted, "In the arctic. Where it's cold."
 I taught for forty years and each year I was amazed that the new group of students came in with more skills and information than the previous class.
I read Penguin's Skating Party. Penguin experienced lots of emotions because he could not skate. The boys listened intently and identified with Pete the Penguin. In the end, Pete tried, and with a little support from his friends, he was successful. The boys' smiles were revealing.

We played hands-on learning games. Pete skated to shapes printed on cardboard covered with contact paper, which made it look like ice. 

Then "Pete" called different shapes and Charlie and Alex clipped a clothespin to the correct shape. Soon their skating rinks were filled with clips. Kids really learn best by doing, touching, experiencing. 

I seldom used work sheets. I made learning games that were played on the floor, wall, or table top. Paper and pencil learning is limiting and not always age-appropriate, because little people don't all develop at the same rate. Some can handle a writing instrument and some are not ready... YET. Give them time.  Clipping clothespins strengthens hand and finger muscles used for printing... when they are ready.

Have you ever been ice skating? I have not, but I have certainly slipped and slid on ice. 


Susan said...

Oh Linda, I LOVE seeing photos of the boys. They are all soooo adorable. Also, they are LUCKY! Lucky to have YOU for a great-Grammie. Oh, they must have SO MUCH FUN with you. Isn't it wonderful how blessed we are?

Kathy G said...

Who do you think has more fun, you or the boys?

Val said...

So good to see the boys again!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your grandsons are so cute. And they seem like smart little ones too. You always come up with fun learning games for them. Yes, I've been ice skating, once! Wasn't easy, but you get the hang of it quickly. : )