Friday, September 9, 2022

Does your house need a paint job?

Sassy Cat and the boys are at an impasse. When they come near him, he sits and meows for a treat.
 Alex and Charlie tell me Sassy is "sassing" them and getting ready to strike out.
I have yet to convince them that he's merely begging. They refuse to go past him if he is in their path, and Sassy refuses to move out of their way. So several times a day I have to intervene. They know how to get a few morsels of kibble and put it in his bowl. But so far they ALL need my intervention.

They have associated his name with a word they know: sassing. Language development and vocabulary in action! 

Sassy is a sweet, eight-years-old kitty who loves his "mama" but adores his "dad" and MUST be near one of us at all times. He sits at the back door and cries to come out when we sit on  the patio. He's content to just sit on the picnic table and watch the birds and squirrels in our yard. He doesn't dart or  need an outcome: chasing prey. He  enjoys the experience of observing. When Bill goes inside, his boy jumps up and goes with him.

Have you ever done something simply for the enjoyment of the process of DOING? 

Alex and Charlie have been "painting" the house with water, a roller, and a paint brush.
Process vs: product is part of our preK day. Some days their art turns out to be "something".  Other days it turns into a fun activity that allows them to simply enjoy the process and explore the use of the tools.
Not every paint project has to have an identifiable outcome. I refrain from asking, What is it? Often they don't know until they have manipulated the materials for a while, plus it changes as they explore. 

Have YOU done anything lately simply to enjoy the process?

If you are a writer, choose four words at random from the dictionary and play with them, just for the fun of it. You don't have to produce a poem or paragraph. Just do word play and enjoy the process. 



Pat Wahler said...

What fun the boys have. You give me great inspiration for when my little guy comes to visit.

DUTA said...

The painting activity is both funny and educational. The boys learn to use tools, and do something useful with their time.

Red Rose Alley said...

What fun the boys are having painting the house with water and a roller. Sometimes it's the most simple things that bring a smile to a child's face. My mom would buy me colored construction paper now and then as a child, and with glitter and glue and felt pens and scissors, I went to town! That photo of your husband and the cat is delightful. Sassy Cat sure is a handsome one.


Kathy G said...

I LOVE the spot around Sassy's mouth. It looks just like a heart!

Val said...

I think your kitty's "mustache" makes him look extra-Sassy! And his expression might be making the boys feel like he's sassing them, even though he's not.