Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ups and downs

Life is fragile and precious, and I am feeling an abundance of emotions. I was going to post a photo of me with my late, best friend Sheila, who passed away on this day a few years ago. Our forty-six-year friendship began in Alaska when we were 19 year-old soldiers' wives and neighbors. 

I just reread old blog posts about us. I cannot bear to read about her last days of suffering side effects of brain cancer in remission. Suffice it to say we were best friends until the end, and the end came too soon. She would have loved my three great-grandsons. She loved all children, much as I do. The scarecrow is not one my great-grands. Liam is in school. So I will focus on my precious and precocious babies.

Yesterday, after a busy preschool morning and lunch, I took Alex and Charlie to the park.

The boys were convinced they would see Owen, a little boy their age who had befriended them last week. They'd chased one another up and down slides and all over for half an hour. They had so much fun, they talked about Owen for days.

When we arrived at the park yesterday, there were six little girls and one younger boy on the playground. I went to get Charlie from his carseat. He looked dejected. I asked, "What's wrong, buddy?" 

He replied, "I can't talk to you right now, Nana. I am too sad Owen is not here. I miss him so much."

I understood my little guy. I miss my dear friend Sheila who gave me years of friendship and happiness and a life line, via long distance letters, phone calls, and vacations when life got hectic. 

Those big Tinker Toy-type toys remind me not to cage myself into a sad, depressive state for too long.

Everyday has something to celebrate and be thankful for. FRIENDSHIPS are at the top of my list. If you read my blog, I consider you a blog FRIEND, and I thank you.


Red Rose Alley said...

This is a heartwarming post, Linda. I'm sorry you are saddened with the passing of your best friend. As I was reading about your 46-year old friendship, I could understand, as I've had the same best friend for 47 years. I like how you added the story about the little ones and their friend Owen, who they play with at the park. I imagine they weren't too interested in playing with the six girls. Your words are special about the tinker toys and not caging yourself to be sad for too long. I enjoyed your post this morning, Linda - everything about it. Thinking of you and sending a hug.


Val said...

A true friend is a friend for life, and after. Nobody can take away the memories. Hopefully the boys will see their friend Owen on a future day at the park. I like that picture. Thanks for pointing out that the scarecrow was not "Liam," heh, heh!

Susan said...
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Pat Wahler said...

Always proud to be considered among your friends, Linda! :-)