Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Change is coming

Alex and Charlie have so much energy. We try to spend a part of our day outdoors. They enjoy going to the indoor pool on Fridays. Big brother Liam, on school break, joined us. They are all growing so fast. Five months, and then it's off to school they go. I will miss them so much. I think I am starting the grieving process now. I love planning their preK days twice a week. What on earth will I do with all this time on my hands?

Spring is just around the corner. March is going to be a bit cooler, but signs of spring are everywhere. The red bud tree in our front yard has tiny pinkish-purple blossoms knitted to all the branches. This tree is going to look magnificient in a couple of weeks. Grass is greening, and splotches of yellow daffodils dot the hillsides along highways in our town. Tulip trees in all their glory are coloring neighborhoods. Everywhere I look I find signs of spring.

My sweetest surprise today was a purple hyacinth about to fully bloom. I discovered it poking out of a pile of last fall's leaves which insulates the sedum through the winter. What a delightful fragrance!

I am most happy with the time change. I stay up until 11 pm when we spring forward one hour. In winter, I go down with the sun. I am in my glory these days.

 I bought a stack of books and intend to sit outdoors and read just as soon as the temperature rises.

So many people are suffering from horrific weather conditions. I cannot imagine five feet of snow. Talk about cabin fever! I suppose it won't be long and then we will be complaining about the heat. For today, though, I am anxiously awaiting warmer, sunnier days. And I am thankful for nature's surprises.



jabblog said...

It is a sad truth that nothing lasts forever and children grow up. When children go to 'big school' their family has to let go a little and allow others to take a turn in their upbringing and that is really hard . . . but they survive and so do we. Alex and Charlie have had the most amazing and valuable experiences with you. I'm sure all the children who passed through your hands as a teacher, and their parents (and grandparents) are grateful, too.

Kathy G said...

Make the most of the time you have left with the youngsters!

Val said...

I'm sure they will have many tales to tell after they start school! Can't wait to hear about their adventures, though I sympathize with you for the upcoming emptier nest.

Anonymous said...

Made me cry.
Thank you.

DUTA said...

That's how it is. We have to adept to children's growing up and leaving home, seasons and their specific weather changing, and affecting the quality of our life.

Pat Wahler said...

Mother Nature certainly is waking up her children! Spring is such a colorful season, full of hope and promise.

Red Rose Alley said...

Well, I love the snow, and don't get cabin fever at all, as home is my favorite place to be. There are areas in northern Calif that have had an abundance of snow, and even in So Calif up in the mountains, the snow has been excessive, and there has even been deaths. It's so sad. No Spring for us yet, but the sun is shining, and I'm grateful for all the rain we had. Enjoy your books and the Spring-like weather Linda. Warm weather sounds nice right now, warm the bones. ; )


Red Rose Alley said...

ps.....I'd love to see your pink blossom tree when it's in full bloom. It sounds beautiful.