Friday, June 18, 2010

Crude Tirade

Crude Tirade

My mood has been as brittle as a pressed funeral flower.
I can’t bear to listen to the talking heads lie and fluster me with their non-solution.

My heart aches and I can’t stand under my own power
to watch the oil drenched wildlife struggle in the crude pollution.

Cap that gusher, plug that spurting vein
oozing unfathomable gallons of oil per day.

I feel the agony, I feel the pain,
I feel helpless, I feel angry, frustrated.

Do something, do you hear what I say?
Do you hear? Do you?


Sorry readers, but I am so overwhelmed by this toxic mess, and I am not even a Gulf resident. If I were, I'd start a campaign, a resident's joint clean-up effort, even if we had to use our own little wet-dry vacs to suck up that black gold.

This horrific incident induces stress, shallow breathing, edginess, helplessness in the general population. I do not care which BP exec spouts off before congress and testifies that he suffers from CRS (Can't remember S**t); it is time to plug it!


Lynn said...


Bookie said...

Well put!

Katie Gates said...

The situation is amazingly horrible. The other day, as I was doing appointments, errands, etc., I sensed emotional exhaustion at every turn. Collective sorrow, I think. What a mess.

Tammy said...

Your poem beautifully captures the grief and helplessness I keep feeling. Thanks.

Linda O'Connell said...

Lynn, Claudia, Katie and Tammy, I so appreciate your stopping by. It is so irritating, and I know I speak for many.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Ditto every word.

BECKY said...

Me,too....Ditto every word! It's absolutely ridiculous! And doesn't Mr. BP sound even more haughty with his british accent??.....