Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday in the Botanical Garden

The St. Louis Writer's Guild event at the Missouri Botanical Garden was nice, and my reading was well-received. I hesitate to post my poem here because I will submit it, and don't want it to be considered published even on a blog. But if you wish to read it, I will send it to anyone who requests. You can exchange emails with me at

After the garden event, we attended an outdoor graduation party, met up with old friends, made new ones. I find it hard to believe that Katie, the same little baby I held eighteen years ago in my boss's office is heading off to college.

Don't let time pass you by; do something fun, make a memory, enjoy the weekend.


Bookie said...

Oh, I am glad you went to this. I don't remember seeing about it on anyone's blog, but Sister Mary Lapping send me the item out of the paper on Thursday. But too far for me to come even it had not been late. I thought it sounded so nice.
Was turn out big? Was it terribly hot? Did people just read or were there clinics?

And yes, I would appreciate reading your poem. I know this putting them on blog is a problem. I put one on today but it had been on someone else's blog anyway, so what the heck?

Wow it was hot here today...I have sweat like a hog on jalapenos!

BECKY said...

Hi Linda, glad you went to that. I DID sound like a lovely event, but was way to humid for me to be outdoors. I had a very productive day at home, though, so that was a very good thing!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hi Linda - We exchanged emails some time back. I would love to read your piece, so please do share it with me!

Lynn said...

Linda, your poem was lovely, both read and written! And yes, you should send that some place. They'll snatch it up!

Tammy said...

I'm happy to say I got to read it, too! Like getting a bouquet of fragrant flowers!