Monday, August 16, 2010

On my soapbox

The news is so depressing. In the name of religion people argue, declare wars, fight about mosques being built etc. We are all children of God, and that is why this morning I bought a wino breakfast; we all have basic needs as well as our own vices, and who am I to judge? My vice is sweets.

The mark of an immature man is to want to die for his cause. The mark of a mature man is to live humbly for his cause.~Wilhelm

If only everyone's cause was to respect the other person and lend a helping hand, for who are we to judge? Sorry, guys, I am on my soapbox, because there is so much pain in this world and most people want to cast a look, a remark, a stone.

Have a nice day and don't let the heat get to you.

Oh how I drooled over that dreamy-eyed Elvis when I was a teenager. Happy Birthday Elvis. :)

Now I have to get some writing finished, LOTS!


Terri Tiffany said...

I drooled over him too! Good for you for reaching out like you do:) I'm on my soap box today about standing by your convictions. It is getting too easy to not care anymore about anything.

BECKY said...

Hi Linda. Don't blame you for being on your soap box today....and today isn't the birthdate of Elvis, it's his date of death. :o
Sorry, but I thought I should correct you on that!

Lynn said...

Hi Linda,
Just catching up on the blog reading--love what you have to say. Thank you!

Pat Wahler said...

Yep, I can barely stand to see the news. There's something mind numbing about hearing the same horrible stories over and over.


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

It's a good soapbox, m'dear. Climb atop any time you like.

I suppose, when we reach a place where all inhabitants respect each other and live in peace we'll heaven. I don't see much chance of it on earth based on current events.

Tammy said...

True. Glad you are doing something about it in your own way. It helps. Every bit of good helps.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with you on everything you said. I don't like to get in conflict at all! I have to say the mosque built at ground zero is a battle I take on. (Hope we'll still be friends.)