Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are you a magnet?

My hubby and I have driven a lot through the U.S. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how large or small the town we stop in, regardless of time of year, every Saturday the shopping center parking lots are nearly full. We were in small town Ohio once when Bill asked what the big draw was, and the clerk said, "Shopping at Wal-Mart is a sport. Everybody across America engages in it every Saturday." We laughed. There is some truth to this.

Yesterday, Big Lots had a grand opening in Fenton in the Wal-Mart plaza. Traffic was as thick as flies on a jelly sandwich, but we finally found a parking place between Gordman's and Big Lots. Hubby went to one store and I went to the other. As I headed to Big Lots to meet up with him, a woman a few paces behind me called, "Hey Miss!" I turned around. She looked like "Mama",and I don't mean Vicki Lawrence from the sit-com, Mama's Family. She looked like Mama from the movie, Throw Mama From The Train. Her voice was gravelly, probably a life-long smoker. But she had a nice approach. Better to be called Miss instead of Ma'am these days.

"You know what a duster looks like?" I looked at her puckered puss and wild gray hair. Puzzled, I tried to figure out if she had lost her car and was looking for an old Plymouth, or maybe she was seeking a feather duster. I really didn't want to stay engaged as the brisk air was nippy.
"Well do you?"
I smiled and said, "No."
"You don't know EITHER?" She screeched. "I asked the woman at K-Mart and the one at Wal-Mart and they never heard of a duster. You know those dresses that snap down the front?" She was irritated, and keeping pace with me.
I nodded, "Oh sure," I said. "I know what you mean. You might try the Dollar General store. I know they carry them."

She stabbed her finger in my direction. "Damned foriegners selling us their junk and you're just like the rest of the dumb Americans, buying it."

I ducked into Big Lots and locked step and arms with my hulking husband.
Watch out if you're out shopping on Saturdays; "they" are out there, and if you have the same magnetism that I do, you might attract a few too.

This afternoon, I am going to the mall. I'll get back to you if my magnetism kicks in again.


Bookie said...

Oh, it can be crazy out there. I tend to NOT shop on Saturdays. Dusters...I remember them when they were lightweight spring coats...remember them?

Gerry Mandel said...

Shopping dulls the senses, removes us from reality, is harmful to your health, and chews up valuable time that could be better spent writing blogs or trimming your toe-nails.

Lynn said...

Perhaps you're a magnet because you emit love and I'm sure most people need more than they are getting these days.

BECKY said...

Oh, Linda! It's definitely YOU that attracts the crazies!! I know it for sure. Remember our book signing at B&N??!! Woooo-weeeee! I'd be skeeered to be out in public very often with you, without our big 'ol hubbies with us!! :D

Susan said...

Oh Linda....that poor ol' lady. She was slighty bonkers, don't you think? Oh, I know just what you mean about crazies being out at this time of year. I've pretty much pledged to STAY OUT of stores on the weekends from now until January. Any shopping that must be done will be done at night, on the lateish side. Take care. Susan

Tammy said...

You DO have magnetism!!! I'm with Lynn--you have an aura of kindness that draws people who need it. And what the heck--you'll never want for characters in your writing!!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Linda,
You are a magnet because you have such a kind presence about you.
Sorry to admit, but I know what a duster is, but they are not easy to find.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for stopping by. Today's trip to the mall was uneventful; that's not to say that there weren't some looneys out there. Have a great week.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

HaHa...poor Linda! I bet you were sweet as could be even though she was a crank.

The term "duster" is new to me, so I'm glad I didn't run into her and rattle her ire!