Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too much stuff

STUFF, we all have too much. Is your closet overflowing? Your junk drawer chock full? Do you have duplicate appliances and things you'll never use?

Several blogger friends are having give-aways on their websites. I am sure this benefits everyone, as the blog owner increases followers, and the readers get a little excitement and a bonus if they win.

We should all have give aways. Think of how happy we would make others, how connected we'd feel, and the self-satisfaction we'd derive when we actually witness how our generosity touches others. Many of us give to Goodwill and hand cast-offs to family members. That's not what I mean. I remember receiving a bag of nearly new clothes from a cousin. I loved them, but nothing fit me. I felt sad, upset, how unfair! But when I gave the entire bag of clothes away to another girl and I saw how happy it made her, my heart was filled with satisfaction.

Did you know that the Lakota Sioux women also have give aways? The Wopila is a Lakota Sioux tradition. On birthdays, weddings, funerals or special occasions, the woman gives away items that she has spent months collecting just for the event.

Recently I joined eleven other women in celebrating my friend Tammy's fiftieth birthday. We all presented her with gifts. She beamed at the written words and the lovely presents. It strengthens relationships when we give of ourselves. Giving doesn't have to be monetary, or even a concrete gift. The gift of time or the written or spoken word is just as precious.

Today, be generous in thought, and deeds. Go to your closet and find one thing to give to someone else for no particular reason. Don't expect anything in return. But watch how the giving begins to cascade. Blessings to one and all.


Lynn said...

Great idea. I kind of just did that. Was at a conference and someone said, "I love your earrings." I had no attachment to them, so I took them off and gave them to her. She really didn't know how to respond, but I told her, "You love them more than I do, you should have them." She worried that they were expensive, but I assured her they were cheapies. She only agreed to take them if I told her where I bought them. I couldn't remember exactly, but said, "Claire's" and she said she'd try and find them and then would give mine back if she located them. I hope she doesn't because what fun would that be? Something to remember when someone gives me a gift to be gracious and accepting.

BECKY said...

Hey Lynn, what a thoughtful thing to do! But, that's how you are!! And Linda, great post! I, too, feel so happy when I can give something to someone, especially when it's anonymously!

Linda O'Connell said...

What a kind thing to do. Someone did that to me last year when I complimented her earrings. She removed them and said, "Wipe them with alcohol adn enjoy them." I was shocked and so greatful. I had been looking evrywhere for that style and color.

I believe in passing on kindness.

Linda O'Connell said...

It IS a good feeling isn't it? Thanks for your comment.

Bookie said...

Wow, what a great and timely post! It is like you have been on my shoulder, following me!I just bougtht some silly things and then kicked myself. I am trying to haul OUT, not drag in. I have rule, 1 in then 2 out. I have a load for DAV in the morning.

I have done the ear ring thing myself. At chruch one day a few years ago, my friend's sister was visiting and she loved my ear rings. I took them off and handed them to her; she was flabbergasted. It was also her birthday so it was fun to give!

While I want to get rid of things, I also just want to use things I have. I am going to TRY and get motivated to have friend suppers this winter where I can use the placemats, glassware, dishes I have. Nothing means much in a cupboard; color and texture should be shared like food and money!

Linda O'Connell said...

Such a profound observation: Nothing means much in a cupboard. I like that.

Cathy C. Hall said...

Lovely post, Linda. I regularly give away stuff, but mostly it's the clothes I can't fit into anymore! Still, I'm happy to pass along something to someone who'll use it-and hope they'll enjoy those jeans that I wore once, washed, and couldn't button again. :-)

Tammy said...

As the recipient of all those gifts, I can certainly agree that giving is good. Hee hee...sorry...couldn't resist. But really, as wonderful as all of the gifts were, your presence was the greatest present. I felt so honored that you all took the time to celebrate with me! That, and the journal you all put together about how we each met. I will laugh about "nose bidet" for the rest of my life!

Chatty Crone said...

I think it's a lot of fun too - and you don't have to spend a lot. Sandie

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Very thoughtful post, Linda. You are right that it is not always the obvious things that make someone happy.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I love your blog pic. Very autumnal, and very lovely!

Susan said...

Hi Linda...Oh, that is a very good thing to do. I'm definitely in the "too much stuff" club. I'll try to do what you suggested in the very near future. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

To my dear readers,
Your comments warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes, especially those of Cathy Hall. I know exactly what you mean there!

Lisa, thanks for the compliment.

Tammy, you are a bright spot.

Sandie, Your blog quotes are my gift.

Susan, it would be hard to part with some of your beautiful 'stuff'.

Karen Lange said...

Well put! I have several closets that need attention in this respect. As for blog giveaways, I'm having one starting tomorrow:)
Happy Wednesday,