Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Like baby-like Nana

I wrote this when my three year old granddaughter was born. Things have gotten a lot worse. In honor of poetry month ~

My little baby granddaughter sort of resembles me.
Her big blue eyes are sparkly; mine look tired as tired can be.

She has a double chin like mine. Hers you want to nibble.
Mine hangs loose and fleshy and catches all my dribble.

My little baby granddaughter has a roly-poly belly.
Hers is soft and solid, mine is just like jelly.

We both have many dimples. I love her baby sighs.
My dimples look like grapefruit peel up and down my thighs.

The baby has a bubble butt; her pampers fit her well.
My bubble must have popped; my hiney’s gone to, well…

My little baby granddaughter is as cute as cute can be.
When I look at her, I see a sort of replica of me.


Val Thevictorian said...

I offer my condolences on your hiney.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

When my chins wiggle in the wind, is that the definition of a chin wag?

Lovely poem.

Bookie said...

This is great! Sure captured experiences of others besides just yourself for sure!

Cathy C. Hall said...

Hhahahaha! Oh, Linda, I needed that laugh. Um, I'm sorry it was at your expense! :-)

P.S. I feel your pain about your wip. I keep thinking the fat lady (me) will sing, but so far, she's mum. Pfffft.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, that was a HOOT. I got a good chuckle out of that poem. You are hilarious. Great job. Susan

Lynn said...


Sioux said...

You made me laugh and then--alas!--my belly started shaking (and continued quivering 3 minutes after I stopped laughing) and all that racket woke the stray hairs between my lip and my nose out of their hibernation (it's NOT a mustache)and they started growing again.

Thanks a lot!

Odie Langley said...

Linda that was sooooo good and you can bet I will be sharing that one.

Claudia Moser said...

A great poem, very touching!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the laugh! I could relate only too well!

Janet, said...

I love it! That is so cute and funny.