Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you believe in angel kisses?

Grandma's New Baby
(written for Nicole when she was born, 10/30/07)

When you aaah-chooo you blow me away.
Your hiccup rhythm makes me sway.
Your belly-burps are daddy size.
Your tiny toots are chuckle size.

Your coos and aahs rock my world,
Nana’s newest baby girl.
When we lock eyes it’s you and me,
Toothless wonder and old granny.

“I cuuute”, you babble, and I reply
“Yes you are, and so am I.”
You’re oh so precious, my little miss
Your Maw-Maw blew you an angel kiss. *

She caressed your cheeks from heaven on high.
Painted your peepers like the deep blue sky.
All of your noises, even your cry
inflate my ego and make me sigh.

I cannot believe
I’m blessed again.
You’re a gift from heaven
with an angel’s grin.

*In 2007, before my mom passed away, my daughter-in-law was expecting Nicole. I asked Mom to kiss her great-granddaughter on her way down from Heaven. Nicole was born with a red strawberry kiss birthmark on her tummy. Honest!


jabblog said...

In much the same vein, my mother died a month before my youngest granddaughter was born. When Eve arrived we knew each other at once.

Sioux Roslawski said...

A marvelous poem that is Nicole-worthy. I hope you have framed this or are arranging to have it done in calligraphy on cardstock, for a wonderful memento for that little doll. (She REALLY should be doing commercials or ads. She's THAT cute!)

Patti said...

What a beautiful poem, and what a beautiful story. I love the name's my daughter's middle name.

Have a wonderful day.


Claudia Moser said...

Lovely poem!

BB said...

That's an awesome story. I so believe in that!

Debora said...

Yes, I believe!