Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wild Life

Last night was Writer's Guild open mike night at a new venue due to a scheduling conflict. We read inside historic Kirkwood Train Station, which is a whistle stop, still in operation. After the readings, some of us walked over to a little ice cream stand, maybe as old as the train station. It had been hot, 90s all day and still very warm after dark. So neat to sit outside and watch the Amtrak passenger trains whizzing by.

As hubby and I pulled into our driveway, the car headlights caught two baby raccoons as they darted.

This morning one of them was lying under my car. I thought it was dead. No, it was snoozing. I touched it with a towel. It woke up groggy, but had trouble with its back leg which was dangling. So I scooped that cute little masked fur ball into a plastic tote bin and called wildlife rescue.

The lady said sometimes when it appears their hind legs don't work, they have distemper. They sent someone out to rescue it. The man said they would take it to the vet and rehab it if the leg was broken, or euthanise it if it had distemper.

Broke my heart. It was the size of about a six week old puppy, cute as can be.

I hope tomorrow I don't find the other one. While I am on the subject of wildlife, the hummingbirds are still around, but the temperature is about to nose dive to the 40's tonight, so the hummers will probably be heading south soon.

Stopped by Wal-mart this evening, and let me tell you, there's a lot of wild life there! You know how vanity license plates and bumper stickers make a statement about the person? The slogans on some of the shopper's T-shirts made me want to go "eww!"

"When My Work Day Ends, My Drinking Begins" She couldn't have been 18 years old.

"Everyone is Entitled To My Opinion" He looked like he didn't have a brain in his head.



Sioux Roslawski said...

Have you ever been on those sites that have photos of "People of Walmart"? Those will REALLY make you go "Ewww."

I agree. lots of people have stupid things emblazoned across their chests. And they're proud of it.

Bookie said...

Blogger has canceled me three times now...darn him.

Bookie said...

Now, as I was saying, I have seen that train station. I remember a Bug Shop nearby and brick streets maybe?

Clothing...been catching a little Andy Griffith during lunch this summer. Amazing how neat and tailored the clothing plunging boobie shirts or thigh riders for the boys! Then last night's special on Jackie Kennedy showed us shots of yesteryear's dress too.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

More shirts seen at Wal-Mart:
"I'm A Drunk - Alcoholics Go To Meetings"
"This Isn't A Bald Spot, It's A Solar Panel For A Sex Machine"
"It's Funny How You Think I'm Listening"

I had to have Animal Control pick up yet another possum that was trapped in the bottom of our empty trash can. Poor thing was getting all wet in the rain today. The critter was crated up and relocated.

BB said...

Good for you for noticing the poor little critter under your car. So glad it was taken to the proper care facility. Regardless of the outcome at least it will be taken care of. We rescued a baby crow when my son was small. It's wing was broken. We found a vet that would look at it. It didn't make it but we gave it a shot anyway.

BECKY said...

Awww, I love all critters, too, wild or tame. I hope that little one makes it. And oh yeah...disgusting T-shirts....Eeewwww!!

Debora said...

I hate it when kids wear sarcastic t-shirts to school that say things like, "My sister ate my homework" or "I hate homework". Then parents wonder why their kids grow disrespectful and mouthy! I have one t-shirt with a slogan..."Life is Good."

jabblog said...

Sounds like a pleasant evening out. Shame about the raccoon - I do hope it's not distemper.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hopefully that little Critter will survive. Bless! Couldn't agree with you more about those slogans on the t-shirts.Ugh!!

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

You know I love the animals too. I am still chuckling, Linda, about how you understood my mad desire to steal the live welks out of a kid's beach bucket and set them free.

I didn't know that about distemper. I saw an adult raccoon dragging its legs like that once, and I assumed it had been hit by a car or something. Poor babies.

Tammy said...

Loved your title! I'm still seeing little hummers, and the cold temps worry me. You were sweet to do everything you could for the little raccoon baby!

Janet, said...

You had an interesting night. That sounded like a great place to have a writer's meeting. I feel for little critters, too. I hate to see them hurt.