Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things are not always as they seem

I babysat Nicole for a couple hours while her dad and brother went to football practice and her mom went to school. She played with her little mermaid Polly Pockets.

"Nana, help me get her dress on."

Dressing those rubber mini dolls in rubber clothes is worse than stuffing that big-boobed Barbie in a too tight dress.

She came into the living room and snuggled with me under a warm blanket. We searched TV for something child-appropriate. No such thing at 7:30 p.m. So I turned on reruns of The Waltons. FYI, it wasn't all Utopia on Walton's Mountain. In this episode the preacher found one of the red haired sons in a road house (bar). Pa Walton, after being struck by lightning, walked into church, and then got up and walked out on a fire and brim stone, circuit riding preacher.

The Waltons all had their problems, just like modern day families do. Mama Walton not only had to put up with living with her in-laws, but she had to feed, clothe, referee and care for her brood, not to mention deal with a husband who wanted no part of religion and refused to attend church.

The entire town turned out for the annual revival and baptism. Pa steadfastly refused to take part. He said there was nobody going to shout at him to save his soul; he already believed in God, and no amount of river dunking was going to change the way he already believed.

I watched those stair-step Walton kids walk into that river one after another and get fully immersed as the preacher pronounced their souls saved. A song from my childhood, Shall We Gather at the River was being sung by all. Dang! That preacher held those kids under way too long as he invoked the Trinity.

I got to thinking on this cold night about how warm the ocean feels. I was lulled by the memories of floating at Maegan's Bay in the Bahamas. I could actually feel the warmth, and the wetness, and the heat. And then I realized, Nicole had fallen asleep and had just "baptized" me.

I am praying that I can save my sofa. First, I am going to immerse myself.


Kim Lehnhoff said...

Oopsie! Wasn't the warmth nice until you realized its source?

Hope the sofa makes it. Thank God it wasn't an electric blanket.

Katie Gates said...

What a wonderfully entertaining post! I love the reference to the "stair-step Walton kids."

G'night, John-boy!

P.S. The "word" I was supposed to verify just now was "sycho." I always knew that P was silent!

Southhamsdarling said...

Ooops!! And you thought it was the warm ocean! Hee Hee! Love it!! I used to love watching The Waltons, but I seem to remember it as all sweetness and light!! Night Jim-Bob, Night Jon-Boy, etc. etc.!! Hope you get your sofa cleaned okay.

Pearl said...

Ha ha! An entirely different kind of baptism!


Susan said...

Hi Linda....I remember that episode of the Waltons....that's about my favorite show (reruns.) Sure they had some real hardships but there was so much family love and support. Just great.

Happy you spent time with the little one.....sorry about the method of baptism. Take care. Susan

Lynn said...

You are too funny! You seem to get baptised by others quite a bit now... he he he.

jabblog said...

Laughing out loud at your 'baptism' - oh dear:-)

Tammy said...

Why is it that the hardships from another era are so much more quaint and interesting than ours? Though your dilemma was pretty cute. Hope the sofa survives.