Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unexpected sightings

I witnessed three phenomonal sights today.

I have said for years that our house is haunted. Hubby says he can't explain the noises we both hear, so he doesn't even try anymore. We both used to run to the kitchen when we heard a thud, expecting, but never finding a huge mess.

I am used to towels falling off hooks when I walk into the bathroom. The same towels which have hung securely on the same hook all day.

Today we were in the living room when the lamp came on all by itself. It flickered, got really bright, then faded. We both watched in awe.

Me: "Well how do you explain that?"
Him: "The switch must have been on and it shorted."
Me: "No, it's OFF" (I got up and checked)
Him: "I guess it's that friend you're always talking about."

Finally, after all these years, he acknowledges. Or do you think he was humoring me?

Our weather has been unseasonably warm, near 50's for two weeks, 70 degrees Thursday and Friday, back to 50s this weekend. Too warm for bald eagle watching. They usually fly our way when the river freezes north of us. But there were only three sighted today, the news reported.

We had a little snow and a good freeze before Christmas, so all of the flowers have withered. Today, I saw a pink rose bud opening on the miniature bush outside, a little gift from a confused mama nature.

This afternoon I hiked a wooded nature trail in a park where deer roam. I took my camera just in case, and got very excited when I heard rustling in the thicket. I stopped in my tracks and waited for them to emerge from the woods, but the noise continued. I bent down and peeked through the brambles. I thought it must be a squirrel scampering. To my utter surprise, it was a FLOCK of male cardinals, as red as holly berries. There must have been ten or more. They were scratching in a carpet of brittle leaves. I tried to get a photo, but I scared them and this is the photo, but oh, the picture in my mind.

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Cardinals...what a delight!