Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh what a relief it was

We have several hummingbird feeders in the back yard because last year we had about eight of those little hummers zipping back and forth. This year we have had only one visitor who left for better sugar water.

 But in Honduras, we spotted what could be our little friend perched on a bush. It sat completely still for about five minutes, and then flew off to paradise. Bird of Paradise is a tropical flower.

Tropical mimosa tree blossoms are deep orangish-red, unlike our pink ones.

I am so grateful for my eyes and to be able to see these beautiful sights and colors. We had a terrible near-tragedy a couple years ago with our daughter-in-law. She almost lost complete vision due to a viral eye infection. She is having another problem. The surgeon seems to think that there is dust on the lens of her one and only good eye, so she will have another procedure this week to blow the dust off. Please keep her in your prayers that it is as simple as the doctor expects.

After we disembarked the cruise ship, we drove from New Orleans to Tunica, Mississippi, the Midwest's Gaming Capital. One of the casinos offered us free room and board and food for two nights. Free is never free. But that's our own fault.

As we pulled out of town, I shed a tear and then another. Not at losing fifty bucks in forty-eight hours and eating to excess, and not because vacaction was coming to a close. Numerous billboards loomed every quarter mile and advertised the many casinos, offers of senior buffets, upcoming giveaways and new and old performers. I shed a tear because I had something in my eye, a dab of mascara I presumed. It burned and made me squint my watering right eye closed. I tugged at it, covered it, put on my glasses, closed my left eye and tried to focus with my right. Then I cried out, "Oh no, I must be losing my vision. I can't see any of the  words or pictures on that billboard right there ahead of us, not one word!"

Bill, ever the calming presence, said, "Open your other eye."
Much to my relief, it was a blank billboard, all white space, no announcements, no pictures.
We laughed so hard I cried, and in so doing, washed away whatever was in my eye. What a relief!

Writers call outs here! If you are not familiar with Writer's Relief, check out several opportunities. Leave your comfort zone and approach writing in a new way. Try a flash piece or a poem. I heard that! Don't feed yourself those negative messages. Just because you never did, doesn't mean you never can. Lots of dates and different places to submit. Have fun.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Bill is ALWAYS there to remind you in his wry, dry way that he's NOT peeing backwards, that you've NOT gone blind.

Are you sure he's not a closet writer (Come out of that closet, Bill) and he's sticking around so he can continue accumulating writing material? 'Cause Linda, life with you is NEVER dull, I imagine.

Bookie said...

Glad your eye was false alarm but sorry to hear about the D-I-L...hope all goes well. Sounds like she has had some unusual trials.

Pearl said...

What a great story. :-) Nice to have someone in your life to laugh with!


Terri Tiffany said...

LOL your husband reminds me of my own:)) Always practical!

Jenny Beatrice said...

Who else could make us laugh so hard about white space? Funny, funny, funny!

Val said...

So glad to hear that it was only much ado about a billboard about nothing.

Susan said...

Oh, glad nothing was wrong with your vision, Linda. Glad you are sharing bits and pieces of your travels. Also, thanks for the writers call outs! Susan

Anonymous said...

Now that I need readers, I can't even SEE an eyelash in my eye anymore. So how is one to get it out??

Tammy said...

I can think of no better treatment than that laughter. You are a tonic, Linda.

Pat Wahler said...

Sending prayers that all goes well for your daughter-in-law.

Critter Alley

Liz Grace Davis said...

Dear Linda,

Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog and for your encouraging words. I'm here to pay you a little visit.

Oh my, I'm so happy for you that it was nothing. We often forget the wonderful things we have until they are in danger of being taken away from us. At least you had a little moment that reminded you to be thankful for your eyes.
This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

I can't imagine not having my sense of sight. I better go and give thanks.

Kathleen said...

I've just thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your blog. I can relate to so much of what you say. It's good to find the humour in life.

Your cruise sounded fantastic. Love the monkey. Funnily enough I would've loved a monkey too when I was little. Errol Flynn had one of those tiny ones in an old black and white film I saw one Sunday afternoon. I would've died for one just like it. It never happened for me either.