Friday, July 13, 2012

Reading, writing, relaxing

Bill's nineteen year old grandson (how did he get this old) bought a lake lot about an hour away. He has cut down trees and has built a pole barn (cabin) out of scraps and trees. He is in college and has his own lawncare business. He is such a go-getter, he would rather be working than playing. When he was a little boy he was always hooking things together, nailing, taping, constructing and creating.

The whole family is going to the lake for the day to brag about his place and to enjoy. I baked golden vanilla cupcakes and frosted them with strawberry icing. I'm taking bug spray, sunscreen, a book and a chair. Let the family fish, swim, boat. I am going to relax and read.

For my writer friends, there are two sites to check out. One is . Some are free and some you pay to enter and some have cash prizes. Good luck.

Another wonderful FREE site that I use is Gigaalerts.com It tracks your interests for free. For example I typed in Essay Markets and Anthologies, and I receive call outs on my Email. Some are "deep results", meaning they want you to upgrade from the free service. But if you are wise, you can find these by searching the web. Good luck my friends on this Friday the 13th...always a good one for me.


Joanne said...

Have a great time. I'm hot on a writing project for my townships's website that I'm so interested in I probably will share it on the blog and see who I zone out with my history obsession.

Relaxing, reading and listening to the adventures sounds like great fun.

Bookie said...

How nice for you! Enjoy your day and do hope it is not too hot out there lakeside.

Thisisme. said...

How wonderful that Bill's grandson is such a hardworker, and managed to buy some land and build a cabin on it. Sounds like a lot of people's ideal dream. I'm sure those cupcakes will go down very well. Have a lovely, relaxing time and tell us all about it when you get back again.

Sioux said...

You've blogged about this young man before. He is proof that hard work pays off. How many other 19-year olds have a lake lot to use on the weekends? I am impressed.

Hopefully you'll get lots of relaxation time...our WWWP workshop on Sunday should be quite stressful. ;)

Val said...

I hope a good time was enjoyed by all.

The cupcakes were a nice gesture. However...I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't whip up an outbuilding for him, using discarded milk jugs, lawn chair webbing, fishing line, and grass clippings.

Thanks for the links.

Lynn said...

Enjoy and thanks for the links!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for the links. Enjoy your day at the lake.

Janet Smart said...

Enjoy your day. He sounds a little like my middle son. He's always into inventing, putting together his own things instead of buying them and loves building and creating. Thanks for the link!

Tammy said...

Anybody who's buying and building on his own property at 19 is going places. Fun places, from the sounds of it! Thanks for the writing info., and hope you had fun.

K9friend said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. Me? I'm cleaning bathrooms.

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