Sunday, July 8, 2012

Submission call out, talk radio and shaking this monkey loose

I love monkeys. When I was a little girl, my dad (a story teller) used to tell me that when I went off to kindergarten he would get me a little monkey to carry my books to school in a satchel. I loved the word, 'satchel' as much as the thought of having my own little monkey. Not like the spider monkey kept in a cage at the gas station in 1953. I envisioned my very own baby chimpanzee. Didn't happen.

The cruise ship steward worked hard cleaning our cabin, changing beds twice a day, and folding towels to create scare-the-crap-out-of-me animals. I came in one night and found a huge bug-eyed crab on the bed, and I screamed. But oh, this monkey hanging from the ceiling made me laugh out loud.

The little bugger appears to have my head in a vise grip.  I have been back from vacation for a few days but I can't get back into my routine. I want to write. I sit down to write. And then it's as if that little tree climber squeezed the creativity right out of me. I sit in my comfy swivel office chair, look at the monitor and wonder why I came in here. I still have this monkey on my head.

I saw a call for stories in AARP Magazine.  For the third year in a row Consumer Cellular wants to hear grandparents' stories on what makes the grandparenting experience so special. In the past, readers shared stories about new perspectives and special moments, laughter and the little things that come so unexpectedly. Two grand prize winners will win either a European river cruise or vacaction package to Orlando, FL. Deadline Aug. 15th, plus there are other prize categories as well.

Check here for details.

A cruise! or a trip to Florida...wouldn't you think that would be enough to shake this monkey loose? I am uninspired. Going to give it one more day of R&R (THAT's RELAXATION and RADIO) and then I'm going to write like crazy.

Tune in Monday 7/9 to our radio interview with Dellani Oakes, Daytona, FL (where I would rather be) at 3:00 p.m. Central time.

Dianna Graveman, and I will discuss writing topics.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Thanks for the link, Linda. I sent a story in ("The Home Run Hitter Grammy") so if you don't send one in, please vote for mine?

Those cruise employees are artists with those towels. Wow.

Val said...

I'm sure inspiration will strike before the deadline. It's for a CRUISE! Or FLORIDA! Put your feet up, eat some chocolate, beat Bill at a Wii game. Get all that out of your system, then you can buckle down.

Ahem. I saw that photo, and thought, "Why does Linda have a french poodle on her head?" Apparently, I need trifocals to fully appreciate the pictures that appear on my monitor.

Susan Sundwall said...

Um, I think this blog post is some pretty good writing. Don't beat yourself up. Inspiration will come on shiny monkey wings - okay, stop thinking of those creepy things in the Wizard of Oz - and let them come. Then we'll all get outta your way! =0)

Bookie said...

Had a monkey on my back but never on my head, ha, ha.

Thanks for writing op!!! You know, I am in a dip again. But yesterday and idea began to to put mind muscle behind it soon!

You would think we would be keeping cool by doing hot writing, but sluggishness seems to prevail.

Joanne Noragon said...

If you'd flashed the monkey the blue bathing suit he'd be history.

Southhamsdarling said...

Love Joanne's comment! I'm sure your inspiration will soon come back and you'll be away again with your writing. It's always hard to get back into the old routine when you've had a lovely holiday. Love the monkey on your head!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Holy moley, Linda. You covered a lot of territory in this blog. Love your hat.

Karen Lange said...

I'm sure you'll shake the monkey off your back in no time and be back to writing again! Thanks so much for the link. :) I appreciate how you keep us laughing, inspired, and informed.

Have a good week!

Kim Lehnhoff said...

I've made a Kim commitment to submitting two stories this week - maybe the AARP will make it three. The challenge is on!

No more monkey business for me!

Grandma Linda's Daydreams said...

That towel monkey is cute! I had forgotten about the fun folded towels. I went on a cruise with my daughter to Bermuda, on Royal Carribean. It was during a hurricane and my daughter retired to our room at 8;30 on the first night. Not me! I was too excited, so I explored the ship by myself. I found the Karaoke event, and hardly anyone was there, because they were all seasick, I guess. I sang a few songs, the first one I sang was "There's got to be a morning after", from the Posiedon Adventure. I wanted to sing the theme from Titanic, but they didn't have it.
For having writer's block, you are still pretty interesting! I feel the same way sometimes, wondering what in the world I might write about that anyone would actually want to read. Now I've started to jot down ideas for future posts and evne starting to type a couple lines on a new post to be expanded later. My biggest problem is uploading photos. Sometimes it takes forever. Of course, I'm new to computers, only learned to use one a couple of years ago. My blog started January 2011. I still consider myself "a newbie".
Have you seen Grandma's Briefs and Grilled Grnadmas? You would be a real good one for her to interview!
Also, A girl from my hometown, Vineland, N.J., Kathy, is a writer, storyteller, loves tea things, history, vintage, and you might enjoy her blog, The Writer's Reverie.
Your dad promised you a monkey? When I was 9, we went to a Music Program Meeting , and I thought my dad promised me an oboe. I went to the music classroom every week for my lesson, and the teacher kept saying, it hadn't come in yet. Then I found out that my dad never ordered it, because he couldn't afford it. Didn't happen.
Oh well!
Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams

Friko said...

So, have you started writing yet?

I know all about sitting at a blank screen. My trouble is that I go to blogs if the muse doesn't appear instantly. Then all is lost.


Anonymous said...

That is cute your towel Monkey.

So you the writer.

Pat Wahler said...

I've checked out your previous vacation posts and am extremely jealous. It looks like you had an awesome trip!

No doubt you'll be writing again soon once you recover from vacation!

Critter Alley

Lynn said...

Funny post and drats, I missed the radio interview!

Tammy said...

I love monkeys, too. The good news is, with all those chimps going around ripping faces off, maybe it's a good thing your dad didn't buy you one. Your uninspired moments last about a nanosecond. I'm sure you have several things submitted by now....