Thursday, October 11, 2012

Old Man River

Overlooking the bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi River last evening, we could see evidence of this summer's drought. That sandbar is about 1/4 of the width of the river, and for a while barge traffic was at a standstill. These barges were hugging the shore where the channel has been dredged.

Watching a tiny tug boat shove a dozen loaded barges against the current reminds me of being a writer. Some days you inch your way along, chugging slowly and other days the channel's open and creativity flows.

I hope you are busily writing, hopefully toward publication. Like the squirrels scampering about these days storing nuts for winter, you should have a stockpile of stories, poems, ideas to draw from.

Ladie's Home Journal is having a contest on the topic The Day That Changed My Life, maximum of 2,000 words. Contact Deadline December 7th.

Jot something about a river and leave it as a comment. If I choose yours, I will credit YOU and link to your blog.


Bookie said...

I have known Big M to overflow but never seeb it so low! We water will be our next issue so is this Father of Waters reminding us to change our ways?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Adding to the river of comments ..... watching the water is quite soothing and refreshing to the mind.

Debora said...

Yep, I'm writing...heaven knows what...but I'm writing! Love to see and hear more about that old river and the area you live in!

Susan said...

Rivers are like our lives. They refresh and add to the beauty of the world.

They are changing. There are times when they rampage and swell to dangerous levels but eventually they return to their normal levels, lapping over stones and around mountain bends.

Rivers can be as smooth as silk or choppy and fringed with ice in the winter.

Never the same, yet faithful in their purpose, rivers, like our lives, are gifts to be savored, treasured and enjoyed. Susan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Very calm it looks.

Susan Sundwall said...

A lively bubbling brook can seem to carry your troubles away, swiftly diminishing your troubles as it laughs along.