Sunday, November 23, 2014

If I knew, I'd tell ya!

"Get this!" I say from the passenger seat as we're driving down the highway. I often read aloud something mind boggling, eye-popping, spell binding, unbelievable from my Face Book feed.
He raises his index finger to his right ear and tunes his hearing aid higher so he doesn't miss a word.
When I pause, he takes his eye off the road for a split second, glances at me and says, "Whose that from? Who sent that to us?"
Who-Who-Who? Us-Us-Us? Is he serious? I've told him a million times, "I don't know."
He thinks I'm messing with him, withholding pertinent information. I tell him "It's just a friend."
"How could it be a friend if you don't know them?"
Yesterday when he asked, instead of starting the ball rolling, I read the "friend's" name.
"Who's that?" he asks.
"I. Don't. Know," I say.
"Well, they sent it to US. How do we know them?"
I say through clenched teeth. "We DON'T know them. It's a friend of a friend."
"Then why are they sending it to US?"
"It's on the WWW," I say.
Before I can explain, he says, "When did you get into wrestling?"
I'm going to put him in a headlock!



Sioux said...

I think when you're talking about an opponent with as hard of a head as he has, you will need a more forceful wrestling move than a headlock...

How about a metal folding chair to the head? That MIGHT make an impression on that cement-like Irish skull.

(Wait. He had to tune his hearing aid so he would be sure to hear you? Does that mean he sometimes has it lower to ensure he does NOT hear you?)

Alice said...

I too read Facebook gossip out loud. My husband just shrugs. Men just don't get it or us!

Bookie said...

This is similar here only with Blogger Buddies. How can I be friends with people I have never met he says.

Tammy said...

You two are so entertaining. One of these days, you'l wrestle him straight to the moon.

Mevely317 said...

Chuckles! I mean, this is soooo true.
More often than not, DH will just nod his head at my 'splanations. God help him if something were to happen to me and he had to actually identify any of my on-line friends! LOL.

Daisy said...

Haha! Some things just can't be explained. :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

LOL makes me wonder if this will be my fiancee and I someday ;) Have a Happy Monday!!

Lisa Claro said...

It is interesting how FB has changed the definition of "friend," isn't it? You and your hubby sound like me and mine. My guy does a lot of nodding. I've finally smartened up to know that is the equivalent of "Yes, dear." :)

K9friend said...

My hubby just doesn't get the whole Facebook concept.

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