Friday, November 21, 2014

What's YOUR nationality?

Mrs. Surkamp was a soft and pudgy, no-nonsense 5th grade teacher who reminded me of Lucy's side kick, Ethel Mertz.

One day while studying geography (before the mixing of ethnic groups blended pure ethnicity out of most of us) she asked each of us to stand and report our nationalities.

Billy's belly jiggled when he stood up. He slicked his hair back, hitched his pants up, and said with an air of confidence, "When I asked my dad last night, he said I am part Indian and part German, and my mom said, I'm also half hillbilly."

Mrs. Surkamp laughed until she cried, and we laughed right along, but we didn't know why.

Now I do.

I am talking about Native Americans this week, and you may have already read this before. When I told my PreK class that I was Indian because my dad was part Native American, little Jordan raised her hand and piped up, "My daddy is a naked American, too."

I could never look her daddy in the face again.


Bookie said...

Ah, a nice laugh...not two! Here at the end of a very trying week. Thanks. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Linda--You always attract the oddballs, the hilarious stories. (Sometimes you even marry the oddball.)

Pat Wahler said...

Too funny, Linda!

Critter Alley

Val said...

Well...where DID you look her daddy, if not in the face?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Naked American? Reminds me of my little grandson telling his teacher that his Gramma had an orgasmic garden. Gotta love Kindergarten!

Connie said...

You tell such great stories! Thank you for making me smile. :)