Sunday, November 2, 2014

Super busy

Busy weekend. Hubby and I helped my daughter and son-in-law rip up carpeting throughout their house. Left their home and went to Bill's daughter's and watched grandson Kyle (See him in the tree?) take down a fifty foot tree in front of their house. Then we helped haul the branches to a wood chipper. We sure got much-needed exercise.

I ate too many Butterfingers, dark chocolate covered pretzel thins, and chocolate covered almonds on Halloween. You'd think I would be on chocolate overload, but this weather makes me want a mug of hot chocolate and a piece of buttered toast. My taste buds are arguing with my snug jeans. I think I know which one will win. Does this weather and early darkness make you crave carbs?

My honey bought me a new, downy soft throw cover. I think it must have had a magic spell cast upon it. When I lie down on the couch and cover with it, just like that! I'm snoozing. It has the same effect on the cat.

Some of you may have seen this picture on Facebook of me and my sleepy super baby.

Liam's mama bought him a pumpkin outfit, but I found this sleeper and just had to dress him up. I am so in love with this little guy.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I wrote and sent two submissions today. Not doing NaNoWriMo, but I am challenging myself to write more than usual.

How about you? Do you have November goals?


Val said...

Sorry, Grandson Kyle. I appreciate your feat of strength, but I am torn between that feline with catitude and the sleepy SuperBaby for my favorite picture.

Funny you should mention goals. Just this morning, I vowed to submit something at least twice a week this month. Well. Maybe once a week. But I really will send out something during the month. In fact, I sent one just last night. On the deadline, of course.

Baby steps.

Bookie said...

Sweet picture and I enjoyed them all. Sounds like you are sore...I would be. I did less than you but still lifted and I am sore enough now. I put away autumn, closed the deck, moved some pieces of furniture prepping for big moves of things for ceiling and wall redos at end of month. I guess you know what THAT will do to writing. I am thinking though...January is coming and maybe???...meanwhile, yes the darkness and carbs are killing me...I mean what is colder weather without tea, toast and jam?????? Not to mention, CHOCOLATE!

Tammy said...

That first picture made my blood pressure shoot up, but those last two lowered it right back down again. You look almost as content as that baby, and that makes me smile. Pretty kitty, too!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Liam is a doll, your grandson Kyle is brave (or crazy?) and your cat is one lucky feline.

BECKY said...

Hi Linda - You and Bill really did a lot of heavy work! And I'm like you...the "way too much darkness" and cold weather make me want to eat, eat, eat.....and I don't mean salads! That's how all the weight I lost last summer found its way back during last winter! Great pictures, too. Oh, and I got a big kick out of Val...saying she was going to submit some writing TWICE A WEEK! LOL...Good one, Val. You almost had me there...for a second!

Connie said...

That last picture of you and the baby is adorable. :)

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I'm the same way with craving sweets and carbs this time of year when it is colder and darker outside.

That throw cover looks super soft and cozy.

Karen Lange said...

Your little super baby is adorable. A great grandma's love is the best! Cheering you on with your November goals!

Terri Tiffany said...

Yes you sound busy! I haven't been around to everyone's blogs in awhile. Been busy finishing a book and now I'm deep in another one. Congrats for all your acceptances and submissions!

Mary Horner said...

My goal for November WAS to do NaNoWriMo, but need to finish some online training for school, which will take a while. Oh well, there's always next year!

Susan said...

Sooooo cute, that little superbaby!

Grammy looks dreamy, too.

Yes, Linda, I am determined to freelance more. Alas, I will probably be blogging a bit less, in order to do that. (Plus I have three other part-time jobs. hee hee)

I can definitely identify with busy. Susan

Susan Sundwall said...

Linda, when you posted on FB that you'd just submitted three essays, I got riled enough to envy and then follow. Working on one right now. Thanks!