Tuesday, December 2, 2014

THE Saturday Evening Post

I am about to bust my buttons. Recently, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and submit to some bigger publishers. 

I just received an acceptance from the senior editor at the Saturday Evening Post. She is negotiating a contract with me on one of my humorous essays. I am beyond thrilled.

This proves that  you don't know until you try. The worst that can happen is rejection, and the word, "NO" stings, but it doesn't stop me in my tracks.

Don't let it stop you, either. Take a chance. Try your hand at something new or that you have always wanted to do.

I am wishing each of you success in whatever you endeavor to achieve. 


Tammy said...

What an exciting accomplishment! Congratulations, Linda!

Bookie said...

Wow, LInda...this is super duper!!!! Good for you! A hard market to crack and you did it!

Unknown said...

Linda--Congratulations. That is fabulous news. I hope you don't get so successful that you up and move to New York City!

Val said...

Congratulations! You've hit the big time. The Saturday Evening Post? That's bigger than knowing someone who travels with Pokey LaFarge!

Connie said...

Oh my gosh! This is so wonderful, Linda! Congratulations!

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

You go girl! Great news that I hope to duplicate in the days ahead. :-)

Pat Wahler said...

Congrats, Linda! You definitely have reason to feel proud.

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