Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cheap show or Cineplex, what's your style?

In the middle of the day we decided to go to the $3.00 theater. We selected the movie, Love the Coopers, which started out really slowly but ended up having a good message. It was narrated, and we didn't care too much for that, but overall it was a pretty good Christmas movie about realistic family life. Drama, humor, romance, nostalgia. Not bad for three bucks.
The ticket booth was vacant. We stepped inside and stepped onto bare cement floor; the carpeting had been ripped up and the glue stains were evident. Bill asked the girl behind the candy counter selling tickets and junk food, "Is the show doing okay in this economy?"

She smiled and nodded. All of us avoided addressing the ripped up carpet. Who knows? Maybe they are remodeling instead of taking their last gasp. They have full houses on weekends.
We walked into our theater and noticed it was completely empty. Several of the seats were wrapped in trash bags, an indication that the ceiling was leaking after that 11 inch rain we received a couple weeks ago. The candy case was filled with dollar store candy, but the price was inflated three times.

Hubby and I reminisced about movie houses in our day when fifty cents went a long way: ticket, popcorn, a large candy bar, and a soda.
We used to go to the show twice a week in the '60s. Cartoons aired before the previews, and there were always two feature films.

I fell in love with Elvis and Frankie Avalon at the Gravois Show. I loved their singing more than their poor acting. I was jealous, not of Priscilla, but Ann Margret.
I adored the classic, Dr. Zhivago and experienced such a  range of emotions, when I came home I recaptured so many scenes in my school notebook.

Paul Newman with his baby blues, was the biggest hunk around, unless Clint Eastwood (back then) tripped your trigger. One day when my friend and I were fifteen we wanted to go see The Hustler starring Paul Newman. We were turned away because we were not of age. We considered asking a strange woman to vouch for us, but we chickened out.
I  hated chariot races and Roman Empire movies, even walked out of those barbaric flicks. Westerns were very popular during the '50s and '60s, but I loved comedies most.

I couldn't believe it when the actors in West Side Story started singing and dancing! That was my introduction to musicals, which I could take or leave back then.
I saw Grease at the movies with my kids. Nowadays there's grease on the floors and stains on  the old spring-loaded seats which flip up and notify everyone you need a potty break. If we sit too long our knees aches and we have to walk the stiffness out before we can manage the stairs.

Times have sure changed. At least we have the cheap show nearby. Most young people think nothing of spending up to 12 dollars for a movie ticket at the multiplex cinemas and at least that much for treats.
We're happy with the cheap show. have you seen any movies lately at the theater?  


Bookie said...

How timely...we saw Spotlight yesterday. Waited and waited for it to come to small town America. Probably only be here the weekend, so we had to drop and go. It is one I wanted to see on the big screen. Same feelings as you about the experience...our theater was so cold that they had six compliants I know of, but I wanted to see the movie bad enough to stay with coat and gloves and a scraf wrapped around my nose. The manager did give everyone free passes to another movie that she promised would be warm!

Val said...

Last movie? It's been a while. It was either "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" with my son Genius, or that Melissa McCarthy movie "Tammy" with my mom. Both were in 2014. Both cost an arm and a leg in a 4-plex.

I know what you mean about the knees! It's hard to drag myself up out of those low chairs after sitting a couple of hours.

Sioux said...

Linda--I recently saw the new Star Wars movie at the Science Center--at the Omnimax--or whatever it's called. It was fun.

Connie said...

We don't go very often to the theater, but when we do, it is usually at the cheap seats theater. We have so many options of movie-watching that going to the theater is rare. We watch a lot on Netflix or Amazon and also sometimes check out DVD movies from the library.

K9friend said...

I don't go often as Hubby doesn't like going to the movies. He prefers we rent them so he can fall asleep whenever he wants. Sometimes I go by myself--I know some people think that's strange, but I love it. During the day when it's not crowded I feel like the movie is a private showing just for me.

Critter Alley

P.S. I just rented The Martian and it was wonderful, even though I normally dislike sci-fi. Of course, I adore Matt Damon, so that probably helped!