Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Command Central and you are at the controls

I find my motivation in the month of January. I come out of hibernation. I hang a plaque on our front door: Let it snow....someplace else.

I know that in two weeks I will be hanging my heart shaped  grapevine wreath on the front door and spring WILL arrive.

 January cold leads me to expound on anything and everything. I want to write. I have to write.  I was looking at my submission calendars for the past ten years, and can't believe how prolific I am in January. My January submissions vary from 12 to 33. Does that mean I have been published that many times? No, of course not. Do I get discouraged and overwhelmed? You bet. But I do not allow negative thoughts to stop me. When I taught preschoolers (and their parents) I demonstrated how to get better results by using positive speech patterns. These tips apply to general life.

 Retrain your brain. It believes the messages you send it.

If your messages sound negative like this:

No, I can't write today because...

There won't be writing time this afternoon.

I'm so busy I'll never be able to find time to write.

I'm stumped and might as well stop.

I am not getting anywhere with this story.

I don't wake up early for ANY reason, especially not to fit in writing time.

I was wrong about being a writer. I didn't think I could swing this writing stuff.

No, I'm not a real published writer.

Change your don'ts to dos:

Yes, I would like to write today but I have to___, so I will squeeze in five minutes to jot a thought.

Yes, I am so busy today, but I will take a few minutes to write, even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom.

Yes, I'm busy but sometime today I am going to write a sentence or two.

Yes, I feel like quitting, but I will always try to fit in some writing time.

Yes, it seems like I am stumped, but I'm convinced I will figure it out.

I do like to sleep in, but I'm going to get up fifteen minutes early and journal a positive message.

I'm right, writing is difficult, but I do think I can be a writer if I invest in myself and reward myself with five minutes of writing time today.

Yes, I am a writer, so today I am going to write something, instead of talking about writing.
Tell me something you have written this month, blog post, personal letter? It's a beginning.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

You must have been a cheerleader!! Still are. Me, I wrote a letter to my sweet Mama. Made a grocery list or two ........

Bookie said...

Such good advice! I'm going to try to live by it. Very cold here today...brain feels frozen even inside!

Connie said...

I like the idea of giving yourself writing time as a reward. What a great viewpoint that is! I put up a blog post this morning. :)

Pat Wahler said...

You are so right. Attitude is everything. I am writing, just not as much as I'd like to do.

Critter Alley

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Yes! This! The voice that speaks the loudest is the one we listen to, and the one we listen to needs to be the positive one. Thanks for the reminder.

noexcuses said...

Great reminders and wonderful inspiration! You are so right about how important a positive attitude is in determining how our day will turn out!. Thank you for sharing! Liz

Cathy C. Hall said...

Perfect post for January and clearly, they work for you, Linda--12 subs already? Amazing!

Val said...

I have written 2 blog posts a day, and one letter per week to my college Genius. I would love to write something suitable for submission tomorrow on my snow day!

Sioux Roslawski said...

I am going to write a letter of thanks to the gods, because tomorrow, I am off. I have a snow day tomorrow.

Susan Sundwall said...

My January exactly!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blogs very much as you being a experience write and other blogs you write. I am addicted to your writings. I liked that you mentioned how you wrote a journal daily. I wrote many for my Grandchildren in the albums I made for them years ago.

Then for myself. I started but then I put aside.

So I am going to start back again thanks to you. I read your excuses as we all say but now I am going to do the I will list today.

Tammy said...

Great advice I need to take. Thanks for the reminder!