Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Goodbye, old friend

Take a look at these photos and try to figure out how they are associated.
 My dad used to have a panel truck like this one. When I was little girl, I knew we would be traveling the Mother Road when he placed my mattress in the back of his truck for my brother and me to sleep on. We travelled wherever Dad's rambling soul led us.
Notice food trucks lined up in the background? They surrounded the perimeter of the parking lot.
The farewell party which went from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. was breaking up, and the band was unplugging when we arrived, but prior to this there were thousands of people in attendance.
The demolition of Crestwood Mall, on historic, Old Route 66 will begin soon. Crestwood Plaza opened in 1957 and closed it's last door in 2013. The property has become a neighborhood eyesore, a testament to tax increment financing battles, brouhahas, failed wheelings and dealings.

There is a Chicago-based developer now for this St. Louis landmark, which will entail a 104 million dollar redevelopment, retail and eating establishments, and talk of housing.

Generations of St. Louis inner city families travelled out Chippewa, which turned into Watson Road at the county line, to shop and dine indoors, visit Santa Claus, listen to politicians. Many watched movies at the theater, played video games in the arcade, or celebrated the Fourth of July with magnificent fireworks displays.

Good-bye Crestwood Mall/ Plaza located on historic Old Route 66, the Mother Road. The memories abound. Out with the old...in with the new. A bittersweet occasion as folks strolled the grounds, ordered from food trucks, danced to live music...


Connie said...

It is sad to see a landmark like this where you spent a lot of time and have a lot of memories torn down and replaced. Nothing changes but the changes as they say.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

They call it progress, I suppose. Nothing stays the same, except in our memories.

Bookie said...

Amazing the number of people there to watch! I don't remember being there when I lived in area. I lived in Hazelwood and there were many places between the two, right? A couple of years ago, the local drug store came down in our small village...so sad as LIFE was lived there for several generations.

Val said...

Ah...the good ol' days. When you could throw your kids on a mattress in the back of your panel truck and drive around!

I remember riding on the tailgate of my dad's pickup truck, down the interstate at 70 mph, looking down at my bare feet and contemplating how close they were to the pavement rushing by in a blur.

Sioux said...

I have lots of fond memories of Crestwood Plaza. This is so sad...

BECKY said...

Hi Linda! I have tons of memories of Crestwood Plaza. I shopped and hung out there a lot during the years I lived nearby....last year or so of high school, and then when I was a young mother! That fateful Woolworth's I waitressed at was there! :-)

And of course, back in those days, it was not an enclosed mall. Shoppers walked down the sidewalk and went into and out of the stores, which obviously had lots of window area.

Hopefully, the new owners will make it be a beautiful, memorable place!

Oh, and yes...those good ol' days, as Val said.... taking trips in vehicles without the restraint of seatbelts! LOL

Donna Volkenannt said...

Gone soon, but not forgotten soon. It's wonderful that you have such good memories.

K9friend said...

Amazing and cool that so many people showed up for this event.

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