Thursday, April 21, 2016

You too could be a winner with Automotive Experts

When I opened the scratch off ticket that came in the mail and noted that my ticket was eligible for the $5,000 prize, I screeched. We rushed to South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep, at 7127 South Linbergh Blvd. in St. Louis.

Hubby said, "There's a catch. Nobody gives you anything for free. If you won $5,000, you will likely receive a check to apply to the purchase of a car. There's always a gimmick."

I knew he was probably right, but I put the brochure under his nose and tapped on the words, $5,000. CASH. I was already spending my big bucks.

When we noticed traffic control people wearing neon shirts, directing drivers into parking spots, I knew something was up. There was already a line of winners at the white tent. You guessed it. They too had winning scratch offs, and all were eligible to win the monetary prizes. A lot of them were excited, showing each other their cards and imagining aloud how they would spend their five grand.

We entered the tent and talked to a very nice retired gentleman, originally from NY, so you know we had fun conversation. He asked if we were interested in purchasing or trading in a car. We talked business. He gave us a good trade in price. He had our attention.

He asked when we'd be ready to purchase, and I said, "When I am handed my cash winnings." Then he was needed by someone at the computers, so a young fellow, Josh Redden, came to assist us. He was courteous, pleasant, helpful, a real gentleman. He walked us to the dealership where he checked our wining code number against those posted on the window. Needless to say, we did not walk away with $5,000.00. He offered us a another scratch off, with the possibility of winning $25,000. I told him we'd talk business if  I won that amount.

He pointed out the enlarged copy of the brochure's disclaimer, THE FINE PRINT. The rules specifically said, even if we had a winning scratch off, our code had to match.

Fair and square, it was not a bait and switch, but it was a baited enticement. With the economy tanking, all businesses use gimmicks to draw customers. Plain and simple, that's what was going on.

Reputable representatives from Automotive Experts are at the dealership through the weekend, and they are wheeling and dealing. If you or someone you know is in need of a good new or used car, stop by and ask for Audra or Josh Redden; one is in sales and the other in finance. They are a great team.


Admittedly, some folks were irate and rude, but the sales reps were all polite and engaging. 


Connie said...

Ah, there's always a catch. It's fun to dream about winning just the same.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Bill is right.

Screeeech! Mark the calendar for today--the only day when Bill is proclaimed as correct.

Almost always, if it's too good to be true, it probably is NOT true.

Susan Sundwall said...

We recently received an envelope where the "window" said "pay to the order of" and couldn't open it fast enough. Wow, a check for 68K for our business. Sign it and you've got a loan. Riiiiiippppp - right into the trash can. LOL You can't fool an old broad. No sir. But when I need a new car . . .

Bookie said...

I have to agree with Bill...nothing free in this world anymore.But you had an outing...sometimes it is fun to play these guys at their own game. Did you get a hot dog too...or some popcorn?

Susan said...

Oh boy, I think I would have smelled that one a mile away. But it's always nice to dream, right Linda? But always read the fine print, too. Susan

Val said...

I am careful to throw those things away before my husband sees them.