Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Does it matter where you sit?

A lesson in humility. We live in the home on the right.

As we came out of our back door and got into our car, we saw these Muslim women sitting on our lawn. The younger one was smoking a cigarette, and the older woman looked worn out. They had been carrying bags of groceries. They looked startled, apprehensive, probably afraid. Bill asked if they were okay or needed help. They said they were fine, just resting. We went on our way to lunch.

Makes me sad to think what some intolerant people might have said or done.

As long as I am talking about sitting, let me share what happened at the senior buffet. Bill left me sitting at our table to get change for a tip. Our table was by a small divider. I waited and waited for him to return. He sat down at the table by the divider and waited and waited for ME. A lady next to him said, "Someone is sitting in that chair." My funny honey said, "I know. It's my wife."

She shrugged. He waited impatiently. An older, African American woman came to his table and said, "That's my seat."

With a smile, my funny guy said, "Well that's probably your soda I've been drinking, too. I'm waiting for my wife."

She asked, "Did you touch my silverware?"

He said no, apologized, and walked to where I was seated... waiting for him, by the divider, a section forward from where he had been waiting by a divider, at some other woman's table... for me.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he had to  go back to the woman's table and remove the tip he'd left there. He said, "I need to give this to OUR waitress."

I laughed all the way home.


Bookie said...

This was the funniest story!! I am sitting here laughing, and the laugh feels good! I needed this and now must go share story with hubby!

Connie said...

Hahahaha! Ooops! He was so close. :)

Sioux said...

Of course that woman was worried. If Sasquatch touched MY silverware, I'd be worried too.

Val said...

You can't take him anywhere! Going back for the tip was a nice touch.

DUTA said...

In my opinion, there are less intolerant people and more intolerant behaviors and situations as a result of too much tolerance in our society.
Your husband displayed the right, humorous attitude.

Southhamsdarling said...

Oh my, Linda - that is SO funny. I could just visualise it! I loved your tolerance with those poor Muslim women. They must be feeling really fearful, living in your country right now.

Susan Sundwall said...

Oh, man. Similar thing happened to hubby and me over the weekend. After granddaughter's basketball game, he went to the men's in the school hallway and I left to go to the car from a different exit. I waited in the car for him and he waited in the hall for me. LOL Happens to the brightest of us, huh?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

So funny! I would not have gone back to move the tip, but my husband would have!!

Debra Mayhew said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for this. :) Never a dull moment with you two, is there?

Jennifer Brown Banks said...


You're quite the entertainer. :-) Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Lol So funny when stuff like that happens!

K9friend said...

It's like trying to find my car in a crowded parking lot.