Thursday, January 5, 2017

Is the anticipation worth the wait?

Liam spent the night with my daughter, his nana. He calls her "My Nana." He woke up this morning, looked outside, and said, "Oh! My Nana, it snowed. Liam wants to take a BIG bite of that white snow."
She told him they would go out and play in it, later. 

It is so hard to wait for something you really wish and hope for, isn't it? Did you ever want something so badly, you could almost taste it?

After breakfast he looked out the back door and said, "Wow! Look at THAT, My Nana."

He was excited when he saw dozens of birds and squirrels at the bird feeder.

My daughter asked him, "Why did Nana put food out for the birdies and animals?"

He looked at her and said, "HUNGRY!" With the "duh!" inflection in his voice.

She said she felt it was a teachable moment, so she posed a question to help him develop compassion and think. "Yes, and when it's so cold and snowy, the birds can't dig in the frozen ground for worms and food, so we help take care of them. Who takes care of you?"

He looked at her like it was a trick question, because HE knew, and he thought she was asking him for her benefit.

He cocked his head and said, "GOD, My Nana, GOD take care everyone!"

Let that be a lesson to each of us.

As you can see, Liam got his wish. He played indoors in a pan of snow, and he also got his wish for a BIG bite of that white snow. Now he is playing outdoors in the fluff.

Sometimes the anticipation is worth the wait. Do you agree?

I have procrastinated five whole days away. It took me three days to tackle the stacks of papers etc. on my desk. I could only do such much at one time before feeling overwhelmed, but I am almost there.

Like Kenny Rogers sang, "You have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em..."

When life or a task seems overwhelming, chunk it, tackle the task one or two steps at a time. Don't try to do everything at once. 



Cathy C. Hall said...

There is something about Liam calling your daughter My Nana that dang near chokes me up.

Also, I couldn't help thinking of Carly Simon singing, "Anticipation" and waiting for that ketchup! :-)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Gotta have goals! I keep trying to convince HeWho to do this every day. Instead he will tell me he is going to "clean out the barn". Not possible to do in one day, or even one week. He just gets over whelmed and can't begin to even think about such a huge undertaking. He is too old to train! I will stick to training Charming Eddie! Maybe Liam could come train HeWho about the big facts of life!

Val said...

Baby steps. A little at a time for the unpleasant tasks.

As for anticipating the GOOD STUFF...I'd almost rather look forward to it for days and weeks than be in the middle of it when I know it will soon end!

Sioux said...

Anticipation. It's makin' me wait. It's keepin' me waitin'...

Yes, I anticipated a snow day today. Kept checking channel after channel after channel, until finally I had to shower and get dressed and head to work.

I'm glad Liam wasn't disappointed. (And I hope you're jotting down these stories. He's such a character, his stories could fill up a book already.)

Connie said...

Liam is such a cutie. It's fun to see things the way he sees them. He is a good teacher too. :)

Donna Volkenannt said...

Your post made me think of the saying, "From the mouths of babes come words of wisdom." Liam is truly a wise and blessed child.

Susan Sundwall said...

I'm a "chunker" too, Linda. Just eat away at the stuff whether it's snow or papers! Loved this.

Susan said...

Hi Linda. We learn lots of wisdom from children, don't we? Liam is a darling boy.

I am definitely feeling overwhelmed with crowded corners, stuffed drawers and overflowing cabinets. Glad 2017 is here so I can DE-CLUTTER, one inch at a time. Making (painfully slow) progress. Susan

DUTA said...

Anticipation - the act of looking forward to something, usually positive, to happen. We all know the feeling. Anticipation is important in life , and as someone has said "we need the sweet pain of anticipation to feel we're really alive".

Janet, said...

When I saw that big pan of snow, I thought you were going to make him some 'snowcream.' It's delicious.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

That little guy is one bright light. I always know when I'm feeling down I can pop over here and get my dose of sweetness. Anticipation is sometimes the BEST part of something. As they say, it's not always the destination that brings us joy, but the journey.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Aww! A lesson for him and for all of us - one I certainly need. I've been trying to juggle work and home. It seems that if one is in order, the other isn't. Taking those small time bites to do a task can work wonders.

K9friend said...

Adults may complain, but snow is a miracle in the eyes of a child.