Saturday, March 10, 2018

So rob me of an hour's sleep, see if I care

Today we set the clocks ahead so there will be more evening daylight. I LOVE this day. It is a breath of fresh air, a promise of things to come. And because the sun is shining and the temperature will be in the mid fifties, I wrote a poem. Our daffodils are in full bloom, while our poor friends in the Northeast are buried under 17 inches of snow and expecting another storm.

Spring Artwork

Spill golden forsythia o'er the hills;splash barren earth with daffodils.

Smudge hedgerows purple, dark and light;
tint azalea blossoms raspberry bright.

Rouge ruby red on pansy cheeks,
daub dainty smiles that glow for weeks.

Paint winter’s lawn with sage and jade.
knit spring on every branch, and blade.

I lost all my phone contacts, so if you want me to have your phone # please email me or message me on face book. Now to go out and take some pictures with my new gadget.



Merlesworld said...

Great poem funny I just lost my little red book with all my phone numbers in too.

Val said...

I noticed yesterday that the grass was sprouting, and there were the beginnings of daffodils or tulips on the casino walkway. I don't know my plants as well as my slots!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Have fun taking photos. These new ones take such marvelous pictures. Just don't point it at Bill. Otherwise, your phone might start to malfunction... ;)

Connie said...

Beautiful images in your poem. I'm ready for spring to arrive too.

Karen Lange said...

Lovely poem! You gave me a new look at this side of Daylight Savings. I've always disliked this one due to the loss of sleep, plus how dark it is in the morning when we get up (since moving to KY). We live on the western edge of Eastern time here, which still is so different from living in NJ for 40 years. Thanks for helping my perspective to shift. Enjoy your week!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I love the poem!

When you have a chance, please visit my blog. I've made you one of my nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Questions to answer, fun to be had. :)

Pat Wahler said...

I totally wish we could just pick a time and stick with it!