Sunday, April 22, 2018

AM I sleeping with another man?

It is possible I have been sleeping with two guys. Maybe.

Liam is an imaginative, exceptionally bright, three year old who will be four in June. Our guest room has an entire wall of toy shelves and he sleeps in the guest bed when he spends the night, but on Tuesdays when I babysit, he readily climbs up on our bed for a nap.

 This week he said, "I don't want to take my nap in there with that man in your bed."

Do you mean Pawpaw? He's not even home.

No, that MAN in there!

Okay... is he a nice man or a mean man?

No. I don't know.

Does he scare you or is he nice to you?

No. He's okay.

How does he look?

I don't know.

What color hair does he have?


Is he big like a grown up or small like a kid?


The more I probed, the more he avoided my questions.



Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Wow. Well, I guess you never know! Have you ever felt like you weren't alone? Maybe you have a guardian angel hanging out at your place.

Val said...

I think you ARE sleeping with another man. You just can't see him. Might be missing a grandchild, and only appears when Liam is there. I didn't believe in this stuff until I saw it for myself. At least this one has a head! Unlike the one I saw in my basement.

Merlesworld said...

Well never know what you get up to, we have a ghost to but ours lives in the hallway so my son says.

Pat Wahler said...

That's strange. Maybe he had a dream that he can't shake?

janet smart said...

Hmmm. He has an imagination. Or are you keeping something from us?

Connie said...

Well, that's quite a mystery! Maybe Liam's imagination is getting the best of him.