Wednesday, July 11, 2018

An encounter with swerving

Witnessed a most confusing traffic scene. In the evening  we were driving on four lane, busy Telegraph Road.

It looked like mass confusion at first glance. The oncoming two lanes of cars were swerving en masse, like a wave. 

Left, right, then halting abruptly. Nearly bumper to bumper. Nobody was honking or upset.

A dozen cars appeared to be slow moving in choreographed formation. 

Then I saw it, a small shaggy little dog running down the road BETWEEN the two oncoming lanes. Drivers were trying to keep it from going into our lane of traffic. A man hopped out and rescued the shaggy, little black and white, dirty, exhausted dog. It was heart warming 
to witness goodness in action! 
Not this dog but similar.

Then we went to Taco Bell. Three college age guys, one Hispanic, an African American, and a baby-face, chunky, white kid entered wearing backpacks and name badges. The Hispanic guy spoke to an older gentleman waiting at the counter, who either didn't have his hearing aides on or did not speak English.

 "We're not from around here. You must experience winter, what with all those pine trees."

The old guy replied, "They're on the counter."

The dude rolled his eyes. When he sat next to us, I asked if he was from a warm climate. he looked confused, perhaps a bit offended as if I were suggesting Mexico. 

I smiled and told him I'd overheard his conversation about winter. He said, "We're from Ohio." Then he flipped his badge on a lanyard and said, "Working out of Clayton. Hired to obtain signatures to  get three initiatives on the ballot here in Missouri. They pay us VERY well to lead the "sheeple" who don't realize they are being led. Everything in politics is about money and campaign contributions."

I said, "You are young to be learning this lesson. It takes some people years."

He replied, "And some people, NEVER. It's all about what money can buy."

That kid had moxie and a mouth and I can only imagine him on street corners pitching a political agenda, drumming up signatures. Wonder if he walks a straight or crooked line as he moves from place to place.  


Sandi said...

"...They pay us VERY well to lead the "sheeple" who don't realize they are being led. Everything in politics is about money and campaign contributions."


Prediction: I bet he cracks soon and tells everyone everything he knows. Will they/we listen?

Val said...

And yet, the kid had no qualms about taking the well-paid money to further the agenda. Seems to me that whatever it is can't be good for Missouri, if the powers pushing it have to pay people from out of state to get Missourians' signatures.

I'm not knocking the kid, because he was doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Depending on your definition of "honest," which is usually not compatible with "political."

Sioux Roslawski said...

I'd vote for "crooked" when it comes to that kid...

Susan said...

Oh my, that was quite an experience, Linda. Susan

Connie said...

I'm glad to hear that someone rescued the little dog from the road. Politics these days--all I can do is shake my head in disbelief at all that has taken place.

Pat Wahler said...

All I can say about that conversation is, Wow!

On a happier note, I'm so glad someone rescued the poor pup. He must have been terrified!

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