Thursday, September 6, 2018

Nature at its best and worst

Did your curiosity ever get the better of you? And were you able to conquer a fear?
We've seen cicadas flying about lately. Liam and I found a live cicada on the ground. 

 I picked it up and asked if he wanted to hold it. At first he said, "NO!" Then he saw it crawling in my hand and asked, "Will it bite?" I assured him it would not, so he asked to hold it. He was thrilled.
"Wow, Nana, his legs are spikey." He meant, sticky. I explained they are sticky so the cicada can cling to trees and other things. I told him he might find cicada shells on trees, as they shed them and emerge anew. Sort of like when a caterpillar leaves its "old clothes" in the cocoon and comes out a butterfly with wings.

At the park he told everyone the cicadas were going to leave their old clothes on trees. He and his little buddies searched the trees for cicada "clothes," but he found a painted rock, instead. Science and nature in your own backyard. Sometimes folks are in a big hurry and don't slow down long enough to discover the little things.

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Pat Wahler said...

I can remember many years ago picking up the cicada shells and marveling at them. You're helping Liam make wonderful memories.

Val said...

I used to love finding those shells on the trees!

When my dad was a kid, he liked to tie a string to the leg of a cicada, and let it fly around him on its leash. In fact, his nickname his whole life, the only thing his family called him, was "June." Whether that was for "June bug," or the fact that he was a "junior," he never clarified.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Liam's scrunched up nose and grin says it all.

Connie said...

Such fun! Liam is so lucky to have you. You have taught him so much, and you make learning fun. Love the pictures.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

What a sweet boy. And oh, my, all the knowledge he absorbs just by hanging around with you!