Saturday, September 22, 2018

Take a peek

 Nature in our backyard provides science lessons for Liam. We have flowering sedum which attracts insects of all sizes. Bees and butterflies coexist peacefully and share the nectar.

This is what Liam experienced:

 A yellow butterfly (his favorite color) landed on a flower and thrilled him.

A cricket hopped by and he chased it until it hopped away. 

He crept up on a fly, ran away from a bumble bee, and expressed empathy for a dying ladybug.

When an odd-shaped bug landed on me, I told him it was a stink bug. He got down on his hands and knees and tried to sniff it. Oh yes he did! 

Life is good for this four year old and his old nana.

He is becoming such a gentleman. Paw paw Bill surprised him and took us to breakfast at McDonald's. Liam was by himself in the Play Place for quite a while. Then two husky boys, 7 and 10 joined him. Liam is a people person. 

When the boys had to leave, Liam stuck his head out of the playroom door and called them back. He shook each one's hand and said, "Thank you for playing with me. It was nice to meet you."

Their mom, a limited-English-speaking Hispanic woman smiled at him, turned and beamed at us. 

I captured that moment in my mind to remind me that children have no racial biases.

He likes to watch cartoon Daniel Tiger on PBS Kids. I am pretty sure gentle and kind Daniel (based on one of Mr. Roger's characters) taught him how to shake hands and express emotion. I am proud of this little rascal who has too much energy and is too mouthy for his parents, but he's my little angel.


Val said...

Those are great pictures. Liam looks so grown up now! He's a keeper! I always enjoy hearing about his activities.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

*sigh* I have such a crush on Liam. :)

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--He is like that with you because you are like that with him. Grandparents have the luxury of having a different relationship with kids, compared to the parents' relationship with their children.

I agree with Lisa. What a doll. He is going to have girls swooning over him... and not just because of his looks.

Pat Wahler said...

How fun exploring the wonders of the back yard. There are many to be found!

Connie said...

Pretty pictures! I bet Liam is learning a lot while spending time in nature with you. Sounds like he is having a lot of fun doing it too.