Sunday, May 24, 2020

Life is just field of oranges sometimes.

This morning I woke early and placed a chair at the front door. Sassy Boy is fascinated by the fat rabbit that lives under the shrubbery. He waits for a sighting, and when he gets a glimpse, he wags his tail like a dog, but doesn't make a peep. This morning he was disappointed. 
 He heard rustling under the bush and darted to see... a squirrel. He sees squirrels and birds outside our bedroom window all day. He loses interest. But when he sees a rabbit, oh how excited he gets.

 Life is sometimes disappointing. We expect one thing and get another. So we make do.
If you are a writer, be sure to offer your reader an alternative. Do the unexpected.

Louie-Bobba-Louie ( he doesn't answer to any of his names) wants to be near us all the time. Summer has arrived on the tail of spring rains. We brought out his soft sided cage and he sat contentedly on the patio table while we played Rummy Cube. He just wants to be close to us. Satisfied to watch the back yard critters and know we are near. This cage is three feet in length. Bobby Boo Boo is a big cat! But he's a kitten at heart. If you are a writer, give your toughest characters an endearing quality. 

 Sometimes it's satisfaction enough to just be close to your tribe. If you are a writer, are you keeping in touch with fellow writers? I have been "Zooming" with my critique group. I also participated in a poetry prompt challenge each weekday last month. I wrote twenty-three poems.

 I like to photograph interesting scenery. Bill and I are still adhering to social distancing and are pretty much self quarantined. We do go to the park a few times a week. We picnic in our car, just to get out and watch people. I like to take photos.
 There was something about the composition of these objects. If you are a writer, be sure to toss in something interesting and unexpected for your reader to focus on. 

There were so many ducks. I was surprised to see two goslings wandering. The flock of geese had taken wing and soared back in en mass. Toss your reader a surprise once in a while. Let them hear the whoosh of wings, the splash landing.

I was shocked and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these oranges by the fence in the park. I wanted to know Why? Who? What? How? Your reader wants answers, too. Give them something shocking or incredible to visualize. And write on!
What do YOU think about these oranges? Who, what, why?


Pat Wahler said...

I've been doing a lot of Zooming. All my writer groups have gone online, so seeing friends lined up like the Brady Bunch is the new norm. :-)

Sioux Roslawski said...

The oranges intrigue me, too. I haven't a clue. Was the field part of a farm? Are there farm animals that like to eat oranges? Have oranges replaced eggs, when kids want to deface somebody's home?

I have no idea...

Val said...

My theory on the oranges is that a youth soccer team was going to practice or have a game at the park, but it was canceled, so the parent bringing the healthy snacks dumped the oranges instead of taking them home.

Trisha Faye said...

Lovely post! A lot of great comments to think about using to incorporate in my writing. Great pictures too!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

A field for jugglers to practice ...

Connie said...

I like your motivating ideas and photos here. Those oranges are quite a puzzle. They seem so out of place.

Jennifer Brown Banks said...


I love your images and how you seem to capture the beauty of simplicity. Thanks for sharing. Take care.