Friday, April 23, 2021

Being good stewards

On #Earthday2021 I babysat three-year-old Alex and two-year-old Charlie. I surprised them with a big dump truck and a trash truck. I provided a container of polished rocks and scraps of aluminum foil for them to scrunch up. We did counting and sorting activities.  

I asked them, "What is it called when someone throws trash on the ground?"

Alex wrinkled his nose and said definitively, "It's called GROSS!"

I explained it's called littering.

Charlie piped up, "No, Nanny, it's called GROSS!"

I acknowledged they were right, and I explained about taking care of the earth.

Seems their parents are doing a good job because the boys were telling me about recycling. 

These little tigers sure make me happy.


DUTA said...

Good thing to be taught from childhood about pollution, littering, recycling.
Your grandchildren are exposed to the very right educational activities due to parents and grandparents with awareness.

Val said...

Heh, heh! The boys look thrilled with the "trash" you provided them with their gift. I'm glad to see they did not make it "gross."

Red Rose Alley said...

Children know so much, and Alex's answer was just right. That's wonderful that you got them big dump trucks with rocks and foil to play and use their imagination. Love that bright green color. When my son was their age, he loved legos, and made the most delightful things.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Those boys are soooo lucky to have you as a great grandma. What a teacher and a nurturer you are.

Kathy G said...

Another great day at Grandma's house.